Im suprised no one has added all the lovely versions of Microsoft Windows or Internet Explorer to the faulty product list. Has anybody ever run windows for any length of time and not had atleast a minor problem? My machine will throw out a illegal op or two about every 3-4 months, but others are much worse. Not to mention the long list of security updates for all platforms. Im not saying they are a complete lose, but all microsoft products are very far from perfect.
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  1. That's one of the reasons I re-install my 98SE system every 6 months or so. But if you don't like it there are other options.

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  2. Ditto here. Win98se makes it about 6 months before it needs to be redone. Then again i tend to bounce back and forth between win98 and win2k. Got to much stuff that doesnt like win2k to stay with it for any length of time and to cheap to replace the software/hardware that doesnt like win2k. Thinking about getting a bigger drive and dual booting. Then have the eh? "best" of both worlds.
  3. The reason that no one has put Windows in the faulty product list is cause everyone knows it is like that,The longest I have got out of it is 18 months, and I was away for 6 of them
  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto, Ditto, ditto, ditto, Ditto, ditto, ditto!

    6 months max... pathetic!

    Market driven instead of quality driven.

    I hope that Linux comes and kicks it's @#$?! now that IBM has taken up Linux cause and Intel is starting to give it a nod. Linux runs fast on a 486 and can be scaled to run on a supercomputer. Now let's see Win2k try that! Ha! Pathetic I tell you! Pathetic!

    It's a mediocre take-off on the Mac operating system (not that I'm a Mac freak. It's just that Apple deserves the credit for Windows and PnP). Windows 98 = Mac 84... or something like that. :smile:

    I don't usually flame anything, but I HATE an operating system that thinks it's smarter than me, and states that to my face right before self-destructing! I also don't care much for a company that takes over EVERYTHING and does little or none of it well! I also don't care for the incompetent security holes, the astronomical prices, the arrogance etc. etc. etc. No one company should control most everything computer-related or otherwise (and this is Microsoft's goal). It's just too much power. Even if they are trying to "help" everyone.

    I spit in your face Microshaft! (no offence to the programmers etc. who work there. It's not your fault).

    OK, OK, I've got that out of my system (system LOL). I'm back to my polite self now.

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  5. Ok, we all know that MS is crap, but tell me this. I have to reinstall windows (format the whole damn drive) every 6 months or so because it slows down to a crawl. It can take 10 seconds to open a window, and some programs (especially outlook 2000) will slow down to the point where they open up after 8 minutes or so when I totally forgot about the damn program. Why does it do this? Nevermind all the errors...

    I wish they'd make all the games for Macs, and I'd go back to apple....
  6. As far as I can tell the slowdown comes from two sources:

    1. A buildup of useless data. When you surf the net, install trivial programs then uninstall them, or even find some files on your computer, all that information is stored in the windows registry. It doesn't go away either. Some of the more sophisticated uninstall programs remove all of the keys related to their software, however most of the software I've dealt with does not. The internet is a big factor too. Although you may religiously clean out your temporary internet files, the mass of cookies and the registry entries relating to them builds up. Programs respond more slowly because the data in the registry that they need to retrieve is hidden deeper and thus takes longer to get.

    2. Hard disk re-organization. Now I didn't say "fragmentation" because even microsoft's disk defragmenter does a sufficient job of defragmenting your files, a major cause of slowdowns over time. What it does not do, however, is rearrange the physical placement of your files like they were when you first formatted your computer: all the files for each program all neatly stacked together in adjoining clusters. As FAT32 wreaks its havoc over your hard drives, .DLL, .EXE, and other important program files migrate away from their homes, slowing disk access much the way file fragmentation does. There actually is a way to fix this particular problem, however. Norton Utilities' Speed Disk has a special feature (it's turned off by default) that allows you to defragment your hard drive *and* move all of your files back to their home folders. I guarantee you'll see a signifigant speed improvement after that kind defragmenting and reordering.

    As for the registry stuff I mentioned above, speed disk does not clean up your registry, and neither does ANY OTHER PROGRAM on the face of the planet. I have ruined my windows installation every single time I've used one of those accursed registry cleaners. Not to say you're not allowed to edit your own fact, I would suggest that after uninstalling some software that you open regedit and do some searches to make sure all the offending keys have been deleted. If you stay on top of it, you can stretch a windows installation almost 18 months.

    And on a more opinionated slant, I have to agree that Microsoft is a money-grubbing market-driven producer of buggy, overpriced software. However, let's look at this objectively. First of all, Bill Gates is living the American Dream: starting a business and cultivating it into great success. Now whether or not that success was based on Apple...that's kind of beside the point (but not completely.) Either way, don't all operating systems have some bugs? Even the great linux (which I happen to use on my FTP server) has some bugs and security leaks. As for taking over, why not? Windows has become a standard. An upstart programmer can write an app for Windows 98 and can rest assured that 99% of the people he sells it to will have no trouble installing and running it. Because of this, how many of your favorite apps are available for linux? All the newest 3D games start out in Windows...they are only 'ported' to linux and other OSes much later down the road. The fact is, Windows may suck, but it's definately got its benefits. You just can't expect any OS to do everything. Linux makes a great, stable, server platform. The GUI and software availability for it is quite lacking, however. Windows is great as a GUI; it's easy to use, it sets a standard for other programs that run in it to improve productivity, and there is a gigantic software library available.

    My point: Windows is great for what it was designed for: a GUI that is a worldwide standard. Other operating systems are also great for their respective reasons. Thus it makes no sense to be a staunch 'anti-microsoft' person, as you're denying yourself the benefits the OS has to offer by refusing to use it.

    I run 3 computers in my home:
    K6-II 400@450 running Win2k (serves my MP3s)
    Dual PPro 200 running Linux Mandrake 7.2 (runs my website, FTP, IRC, Quake 3 servers)
    T-bird 800@912 running Win98 (its the gaming/office/e-mail/internet/homework box!)

    Yeah I know this was ridiculously long. But oh well.

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  7. In spite of what I have already said, I do agree with everything you said (honestly)... Except that I say that Microsoft has too much power (even if they got it the American way, which I am all for), and is invading our privacy, and taking away freedom at an alarming rate. They may be thinking that they are "helping" us, but who can disagree with such a OS-behemoth, if they don't like some of the ways that Microsoft is choosing to "help"? I am not paranoid, but I have seen some real abuses of power in MS lately, and it is starting to scare me. Honestly. Some of the ways that MS has gotten where it is are unethical. I hate government regulation when it gets out of hand, but I also hate one company having (most) control of the worlds computer systems. I want to have another choice now. I want to get off the ride now. It's not fun anymore. Administrating Windows machines is sucking my will to live. :eek:

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  8. skaken, that was the most thorough post I have ever seen. Thank you. I use norton, but it seems to wreak more havoc on my machine that I appreciate so I am going to try and just use virus protection for this "6 month cycle".

    What I have been trying to do this time more religiously is clear out all my temp folders, my internet cache, and cookies. Nonetheless, those cookies build up to the thousands in no time. I can clear out 4500 internet files in a matter of weeks with no problem at all. It might be less time, but I don't want to overexaxerate.

    My biggest problem is that I was a mac person. I would love to go back to mac if it wasn't for all the cool games and cheap components for the pc. I'd go to linux too, but that doesn't help me any. All in all though, my first two machines were macs, and each one of them lasted me SIX YEARS each. They crashed only a couple of times (and I mean that literally...2, and the OS was rock solid. If you install a program on a mac it doesn't root out and infest itself in the whole OS. If Windows would just have better clean up measures for uninstalled programs we wouldn't have this problem.
  9. They do publish some decent games, like mechwarrior 4!! and mech commander. BUT THAT FUCKIN 130 BUCK FORCE FEED BACK JOYSTICK BROKE IN 6 MONTHS!!! where you plug the adapter into the joystick broke something in there, now its not getting power... [-peep-]!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dont feel to bad. I had a logitech force feed back that didnt last a week. The up and down had a small problem forcing and feeding back. Stripped a gear, maybe i shouldnt have cranked it up to max on feedback. Ohwell, not my problem!

    The last time I tried to use my imagination, I ended up in a straight jacket! :eek:
  11. LOL! It's funny that you would mention Mechwarrior 4. I was just walking through the software store the other day and noticed -to my horror- that Microsoft has taken over the Mechwarrior series too! What an abomination (It's part of the reason I finally snapped and wrote the posts above)! Yes, it looks great, and probably plays great, but that's not the point. It was originally created by Activision (under FASA licence). Who then sold the rights to Microprose (I didn't like that, but it wasn't too bad). Now M$ owns it! :frown: :eek: Will the indignities never end?! I love Mechwarrior. I have played all of them since MW1. It's like if Microsoft took over Linux, or Intel bought out AMD!

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  12. Why is it when it comes to windows most give credit to apple for GUI? Does anyone remember that apple got it from xerox? Mac freaks usually forget about that.
  13. Very true, but the true innovation was made by Apple.

    "I think I brained my damage"
  14. Fine, we'll just kill the messanger instead!

    Lets face it people, there are stupid people and stupid questions! :lol:
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