i'm looking for an email id with my name


i tried but cant get it..
count some one give the link for it..
i don't know that Microsoft has domain with live.mx(i tried with live.com & live.in but no luck)
long ago i have an account with "mail.com", but i forgot the password & details i gave at that time, contacted support team by mail , but they simply said sorry....
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  1. Sorry, but I have no idea what you're asking.
  2. i need a email-d from any of free email providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail with my name..
    like this manoj@gmail.com

    i'm asking bcz i'm not ble to find all the available domains & its aliases like live.com,live.in,live.ie,yahoo.com,yahoo.co.uk,yahoo.co.au

    if any one who knows plz let me know
  3. Go to gmail.com and create a new account, and name it whatever you like as long as the name is still available. It's easy as falling out of a tree.
  4. i got id with gmail ,hotmail(along with my MCP id)..
    i'm asking is there any sub-domain from hotmail(live.com,live.in,live.ie) or yahoo(com,co.in,co.uk,co.au,) (i tried as for i can many of them) which i may missed
    not tutorial for creating email id....
    plz check this
  5. NO idea manoj try making at zapakmail also kaha se ho app?
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