High latency.

Fresh install of Windows 7(CRC checked), SiS ethernet card. At the second hop in a tracert, pings jump from 30 to 300-400. I do not have this in XP or Vista on the same machine. I tried disabling Nagle's Algorithm and still no good. I tried several solutions in google search but none have worked either. Any suggestions?
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  1. Maybe give a bit more information on your setup. Is this a LAN connection? Are you pinging a remote site via your broadband provider? Where does the second hop occur, in other words?
  2. I just installed Windows 7 Pro RTM on my work machine. That was Thursday. At about the same time, the ping times for the entire network to internet sites jumped from 20-40ms to 200-400ms. I'm not positive it's related, but seeing this thread makes me wonder.

    Any ideas on ways to isolate this?
  3. I haven't encountered this personally; but I have heard that Windows 7 has some issues with PPPoE session-based services. Maybe someone else has more knowledge of this?
  4. Tried turning off BITS?

    run > services.msc > go to BITS and disable
  5. diabloterrorgf said:

    What websites are you experiencing this on? (hard to do an apples-apples comparison without that knowledge...)

    'Ping' tool is not a reliable test. Tracert is better, but wireshark is 'more better'.

    Why would you want to be 'pinged' from external sites? Do you have a death-wish for your poor PC?
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