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I have a Dell that's several years old now, and I'd like to upgrade the CPU beyond what the BIOS limit's it to. I thought I might flash in a BIOS from a later model with the same chipset and basically the same specs. But the other model has a 4MB bios and mine is a 2MB. Is swapping out a new chip as easy as pulling the old one off and popping in a new one? Am I doomed in other ways you might notice? I appreciate any help you can give.
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  1. that BIOS chip might be physically incompatible, no?

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  2. LOL you can't do that dude! heh you make me laugh LOL

    see if you can just find the flash on the web and flash the bios, or let us know what you have and we'll find it for you.

    do you know how to flash a bios?

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  3. Also, what are the 2 models you're talking about?

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  4. I have a Dell Dimension XPS R400, The model to upgrade to would be a an XPS T800. Both are 440BX boards with all the same ports. The T800 supposedly has a 4Mb Bios chip and mine has a 2Mb chip

    These are the models I'm talking about.
  5. but it's a wrong assumption to think that because they're similar and have the same chipset that the BIOS would be compatible. Even within different revs of the same board (ABIT KT7A for instance) you need different BIOS (rev 1.3 is different from 1.0 - 1.2). Your trick would not work.

    The biggest clue is the fact that it's twice the size. Gotta be different, otherwise why would they have done that?

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  6. You need to find the BIOS update specific to your machine. If you somehow manage to flash your BIOS with the wrong one you will hose your system!!!

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