Top 5 First Person Shooters?

Just wondering what your opinion on the Top 5 First person shooters are and what are you reasons?
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  1. Half Life 1 - Redefined FPS, great story line etc
    Half Life 2 - Amazing graphics, again good story line
    Far Cry - I haven't even played it all the way through, but the scenery alone is great

    Can't remember anymore that I have played and enjoyed.
  2. 1)DooM - I played it before Wolfenstein, first ever FPS for me.
    2)Half-Life 1 - The first story-oriented FPS I played.
    3)Jedi Knight (Outcast/Academy ~ same thing) - Fun. Can be as pretty as a fighting game (moves/combos)
    4)Deus Ex - Just wow.
    5)Painkiller - Fun.

    Just off the top of my head, in no particular order. With some more thought, I would probably change some things. Really, it's impossible to pick 5 'best' shooters as there are very, very many good ones.
  3. no order but

    wolfenstien 3D (the first FPS shooter made...i played it every day for ages(i still play it now lol))

    HL1 - all has been said...

    Deus Ex - love the RPG parts of the game and its a smart clever game that mixes lots of elements together, in an excellent story line although i thought it lost a little focus at the end.

    UT2004 - excellent fun great graphics and online mode is fantastic, bots are smart and difficult moreso than most players on the net.

    CSS- i love this game.

    Farcry doesnt make it for me, great graphics yes, the story line is crap, and whats with the mutants?
  4. While I am a newbie at this and cannot venture an opinion, where does Call of Duty (I and II) fit into the ranking?
  5. 1) Wolfenstein : The Father of all FPS
    2) Doom1 Doom2 : No Comment Needed
    3) Quake1 : The first 3D Game

    HL1 : Awesome & the first intelligent foes (Grenaaade !)
    Deus Ex : Sucked as a FPS but the Character Setup was great

    All other games were just "improvements" without adding anything.

    Special mention : Shogo for the Robot/Human phases.
  6. Quote:
    While I am a newbie at this and cannot venture an opinion, where does Call of Duty (I and II) fit into the ranking?

    Apparently it doesn't, so far. :lol:

    Feel free to add your own list to remedie this situation :wink:
  7. In no particular order

    Half Life 1

    Aliens Vs Predator II

    Call Of Duty

    Counterstrike Ver 1 and Day Of Defeat Ver 1.3 wasn't it? (I'm lumping these into one despite being very different games as they are mods and not strictly single player FPSs)

    Chronicles of Riddick

    Deus Ex

    Yeah I know that's 6. Tough shit :D

    EDIT: I'm including a controversial one here as well...... Doom ]I[. It's a shit game but.... BUT the the horror in the game while you are still not used to it is THE most effective I have ever come across. No game before or since has made me physically back away from the computer squealing like a girl.
  8. Well, historically, I'd say (defining top-ness as major innovation):

    Wolfenstien -- (Father of the FPS)
    Doom -- (Mother of all
    Quake -- (Polygons and 3D acceleration for the FPS)
    Tribes -- (online team FPS)
    Counterstrike -- (yes, it's just a Half Life mod, but still...)

    My personal top five has more than five! :D

    Doom/Doom II -- (Who can forget all the PWAD fun! YakWorld! Yay!)
    Duke Nukem 3D -- ("Shake it, baby!" 'nuff said! ;) )
    Half Life -- (immersive. I still play the tram-ride over and over!)
    Unreal -- (It was just so PURTY and the levels were so BIG, and the sounds were so good and the music was neat!)
    Unreal Tournament -- (same as Unreal, but with tight online gameplay and great bots!)
    Call of Duty, single player game. -- (Since my Dad was a Marine in the Pacific Theatre of WW-II {2 Purple Hearts and a Silver Star, and grenade shrapnel in his eye, from Saipan}, I've always had an interest in all things WW-II related.)
  9. COD 1 would come about 6 in my own opinion, COD 2 wouldnt make it in my top 10 cause of the health system and the fact i got bored around the 3rd level.
  10. 1. Catacomb Abyss - first 3d shooter I played, got me hooked.
    2. Wolf 3d - I love killing Nazis (I'm 5/6 German so no wise cracks)
    3. Doom 1 - not 2, 2 had no more inivation, it was just more levels.
    4. Duke3D - Oh H*ll YEAH!
    5. HL2 and Doom3/Quake4 - Gotta tie them as the two combined would have been the greatest :)

    Dues Ex 1,2
    Operation Flashpoint - I still play this one!
    Medal of Honor series
    Red Faction - No. 2 sucked
    Hitman series
    The Thing

    But I gotta say my all time favorite is Anachronox, sorry it's more RPG than FPS but it's my favorite game of all time.

    Oh yeah, forgot Unreal, Serious Sam series, HL1, AvP 1 and 2 (Great!), and probably some others, 5 isn't enough!!!!
  11. Shocked and appalled that I forgot about Operation Flashpoint.
  12. 1.Unreal- the first game that got me addicted to fps.
    2.Diablo2- i had to put this along with StarCraft :D
    3.FarCry-very unique game, i get tired of all the dungeons.
    4.CounterStrike- ahh my most played game.
    5.Quake 1,2,3,4-loved the series

    there are way to many games that i love like Zelda:OOT and MajorasMask(N64 Roms). Half-life 1,2. F.E.A.R, Warcraft series. to many but those are a few.
  13. Ah crap, I forgot F.E.A.R!!! And leave out the diablo's of the world, great games by any standard but this thread is FPS only! Otherwise I'd say command&conquer, x-wing, etc. :)
  14. yes i know hence the title :D
  15. Well I wouldn't want to get the name of a non fps game stuck in someones head, then they buy it next time at the software store since it was on the list, and don't bother looking closely at it and then being dissapointed it's not an fps! Say that in one breath :)
  16. who likes fps so much that they hate all others game and would not enjoy diablo or starcraft! youd have to be insane!!!
  17. Heres my old favorites. :D

    Duke Nukem
    Unreal Tournament
    Perfect Dark
    Half Life
  18. 1. Half Life
    2. Half Life 2
    3. Duke Nukem 3D
    4. Postal
    5. Goldeneye
  19. Good Point! :)
  20. This is true, but then my list would get much longer, with games like Final Fantasy VII - X (I like 'em all), Kingdom Hearts, Warcraft II, Diablo, Starcraft, Baldurs Gate, Tetris, Sacred, Dungeon Siege, Command & Conquer, Peasant Quest :D, 20 X 6 :), and many others...
  21. RTCW
  22. In no particlar order:

    Halo - Great story, useful vehicles.
    Far Cry - Tough, decent length, o.k. story no puzzles (a la Half-Life)
    Unreal - Less realistic -- great fun in MP
    Descent - (no reason)
    Hlaf-Life - It's the only other FPS I've played-- but I don't like it as much as the newer stuff. One time through was enough for me.
  23. I can't believe no-one has mentioned No-One Lives Forever. One of the funniest games I've ever played.

    OK, it's not a true FPS, but it has guns in it :D
  24. Honours to IGI2 Covert Strike.

    That game was awesome and I really enjoyed it.
  25. IGI 1 & 2 were woeful games.
  26. Quote:
    IGI 1 & 2 were woeful games.

    no way, igi2 had me in front of the computer almost 24/7.
  27. IGI was great IGI 2 was far too HARD goddamnit, its nearly impossible ive had it since it came out and struggle past the third lvl lol...
  28. i might have different taste than others... but...

    my favorite FPS...
    1. SWAT 4!!! swat 3 is good too...
    2. Far Cry...
    3. Rainbow Six 3... all rainbow six series is fun...
    4. Project IGI 2... 1 was okay too
    5. Turok... haha hillarious game... N64 was the best...

    howcome no one mentioned swat -_-?
    no one likes police -_-;;
  29. Quote:

    howcome no one mentioned swat -_-?
    no one likes police -_-;;

    I enjoyed the SWAT4 demo but it did not convince me to buy the full game. The gameplay is ok, the graphics are ok, the AI was so so, the lack of physics was annoying to me, the story line was....non existant (not talking just about the demo either here, my point is that the storyline for the SWAT genre is irrelevant). I did not try out the multiplayer but I do not see multi player as a game aspect per se. If an FPS sports a multiplayer option I usually experience them as two separate games (single player experience, multi player competition).

    I prefer FPS's to at least excel in one of these areas, and to be up to standards for the other aspects. If games get it exactly right in at least two of the aspects while being ok in the rest then they have a chance of making it on to my list of 5.

    That, and I don't like police :wink:
  30. Quote:
    i might have different taste than others... but...

    my favorite FPS...
    1. SWAT 4!!! swat 3 is good too...

    (edit) Initially brilliant leading to discovery of stupid flaws that ruin the game.

    2. Far Cry...

    (Edit) It was alright till the monsters appear. In terms of visuals it definitely deserves a mention alright. But it was lacking in something nevertheless.

    3. Rainbow Six 3... all rainbow six series is fun...

    (Edit) This is a fun game alright.

    4. Project IGI 2... 1 was okay too

    (EDIT) Words cannot express the disgust I feel from seeing two people mention this game in their top 5......

    5. Turok... haha hillarious game... N64 was the best...

    (EDIT) Hilarious? In what way? Did I miss the humour? It was a passable game at best. On the N64, brutally afflicted by fogging to keep the fps up but overshadowed completely by Goldeneye.

    Turok 2 was a complete joke.

    howcome no one mentioned swat -_-?
    no one likes police -_-;;
  31. 1) F.E.A.R , but my X800 Pro - A 64 3500 arent so happy with it :D
    2)Half Life 2 , great story , nice graphics , cant wait for the exp. pack
    I have always been a great fan
    3)Far Cry , awww, cant wait till Crysis arrives :cry: gonna cost me a whole new rig to play this one.
    4)SiN(If anybody remembers this, youre an oldie like me :D
    5)Original Deus Ex , what a story, and graphics are still enjoyable, even today , but DX2 sucked.
    PS ...I see alot of people like Quake 4 , but im not really a fan , played it , but was fairly dissapointed due to lack of interactivity, and i like brains in my shooters
  32. Apart from DooM, Quake 1, HL1, DukeNukem 3D and all those fantastic games, id say the best of the newer ones are:

    - Quake 4
    - Half-Life 2
    - Unreal Tournament 2004
    - Call of Duty 2
    - F.E.A.R.
  33. I guess I really enjoy an RPG element in my games. While Deus Ex (my #1) has been mentioned, System Shock II ranks up there as a close number 2.

    Otherwise I like the Unreal Tournament series (#3). Just a lot of "mindless" fun with great replay value.

    #4 would be FarCry for me. Great gfx and wide open maps make for hella fun and lots of replay.

    #5 is Painkiller and Battle out of H3ll expansion pack. Seems more like a collection of different mini-games with a common theme (the story). But man, some of the levels were just sick and tons of fun to play. Best skybox in a game I've ever played. Again, lots of replay value, especially when using the cards and unlocking new levels.
  34. I passed Painkiller in nightmare, damn was it hard. But just on the edge of doable, which made it, for me, a very fun game. The best replay value of any FPS for me.
  35. im gonna list some that have not been talked about a whole lot and think they need some credit, in no real order (except for the first one)

    fear- yes!! Some AI that is less A and more I

    Metal Gear Solid (all for ps and ps2)- I know that they are not fps but still they fall into the whole idea of fps blow the hell out of the bad guys, but with more tactics and a good storyline

    Metroid series for game cube- has to be the best for gc

    Red Faction (only the first one)- actually being able to blow the crap up that people are hid behind and the best multiplayer that’s not through the internet.

    Max Payne- bullet time nothing more need be said

    Mainly why I think that these are good is just bc you need more than a twitchy finger to win (well maybe not red faction), but if you get mad you can always roll in with a BFG Doom style and have fun by vaporizing the few unlucky to be in your way before you realize you only got 2 shots left, then those last few get to see the business end of a chainsaw or your left hook (had to give Doom due credit my first fps)
  36. I will be one more to say half life(and all his brothers bs,cs,...)
    When half life 2 was announced i bought myself a new pc only because of it:)

    quake 3 =>playing it alot,i play it even today:)

    but noone can beat half life,still noone :D
    I almoust fall a year at high scholl because of it.
    Put this hir, turn this switch on, trun valve...,kill the alien:)

  37. I know that this is for games but one thing that angers me more than anything is the :evil: valve/steam :evil: protection on :D Half Life 2 :D and that affects this game a helluva lot for me. HL2 is a great, awesome, game, but I swear I never would have given that game a chance if I knew before hand all the hoops you have to jump through just to play a game!

    I live in the US, and not everybody has high speed internet me being one of them, and there is no way I’m gonna spend hours downloading updates and setting up an account just to play a game. I ended up having to wait a week after I bought the game to even start playing it, I would think that most of you could understand the frustration that boiled in me for a week while an awesome game nay two awesome games sat on my desktop and I couldn’t play them. I wanted to crowbar someone’s face in.

    Not only did this :evil: valve/steam :evil: junk make me wait to play my game it seriously f***ed up my pc to the point I had to reload xp to solve installation issues with all most all other programs. And you know what that meant, having to wait another eternity to reinstall HL2 if I wanted to play it again (which by the way I haven’t). But other than that one issue that makes me think Duck Hunt a better FPS, It’s a great game.
  38. I'm not a HUGE entreprenuer of the FPSs but my faves are:

    Counter Strike
    Counter Strike: Source
    Day of Defeat
    Operation Flashpoint

    Come play CS on my clan's server:

    Or CS:Source @
  39. 1: America's Army
    2: COD2
    3: Desert Combat
    4: BF2
    5: HL2
  40. The top 5 best shooters ever, eh? Well i am listing in no particular order here. Here goes!

    Tribes (jetpacks and spinfusors are the most awesome ideas ever!)
    Tribes 2 (tribes but with better graphics /physics, need i say more?)
    Half-life 2
    original DOOM
    Unreal Tournament (the first one is way better than the more recent ones. LONG LIVE ASSUALT gametypes!)

    I can't believe I am the only other person to be mentioning tribes here lol

  41. I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned GoldenEye.

    My Top 5:

    Half-Life 1 -- Best in Show. Terrifying, exhilarating, and unforgettable.

    GoldenEye -- I still waste hours on this game today. Probably the best movie adaptation ever, FPS or otherwise.

    Call of Duty -- Left me shell-shocked, quite frankly. The gold standard for WWII games.

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay -- My favorite Xbox game. Ridiculously good visuals and superb game play.

    Wolfenstein -- The original gansta. I nearly failed out of college freshman year because of this game.
  42. I can give you 3 best and defining games of the genre

    1) Doom 1,2. Arguably the first modern FPS
    2) Quake 1. This is the largest contributor, so I split the contributions (so you can count it as 3 to give 5 total)
    2.1 Quake 1 as 3D game, while it was after Descent, it was actually the first "first PERSON shooter" which is completely in 3D
    2.2 Quake World. This made a revolution in online gaming, plus it allowed player to use 3D video card (Voodoo) with 3D functions to make outstanding quality of graphics at that time
    2.3 Mods for Quake. This includes CTF (team games), Team Fortress (my favorite of all the times - different classes) and many others.
    3) Half life - Significant improvement of graphics, but mainly storyline and AI.

    The rest was I think incremental, but I would mention the larges "contributors" into genre defining games: Deus Ex (stealth and character development), Unreal (huge scale and beauty), Unreal Tournament (First Online oriented game). I do not remember who first introduced the vehicles (Tribes?). The latest good games I think are less innovative, though they do provide the next generation graphics, but this is more innovation in the graphical engines rather than in FPS themselves.
  43. Hmm, I'm going to go with some non-mainstream ones.

    1)System Sock
    2)System Shock 2
    3)Deus Ex
    5)Half Life
  44. I am not a fan of it but Halo has to be up there just because of the sheer amount of people that play it
  45. yeh, i have to decide:


    sci-fi future
    halo 1,2,3
    half life

    MODS 4 life (oh yeah!!!!)
    CS CZ
    CS 1.6
  46. Nice 3 year bump there.
  47. Arucard said:
    Hmm, I'm going to go with some non-mainstream ones.

    1)System Sock
    2)System Shock 2
    3)Deus Ex
    5)Half Life

    Someone has at last said system Shock!!!! LOL

    It was a brilliant game always hated when you heard the monkys
  48. Quote:
    Come on djcoolmasterx, with choices like these, it was worth the bump, clearly realism at it's best :lol:

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