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This new system is a nightmare. I have reformatted the hard drive about 6 times now. Have tried Windows 2000 Pro and Windows 2000 Advanced Server. No matter what I do, I run into problems. I cannot get the on-board audio drivers to load, Windows 2000 will never load totally clean, Service Pack 2 will not load cleanly, I cannot install many apps (usually get a corrupt file, even though I know darn well the files are okay). Am I dealing with a bad mobo? I flashed the BIOS and that did not help. Any advice would be more than welcomed.

Soyo Dragon Plus
AMD XP1700+
768 MB Crucial 2100 DDR
ATI Radeon VE
2 60GB Western Digital HD's in RAID 0
Lian-Li case (seems to be the only good part!)
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  1. just for grins, what are your memory timings/voltages etc. set to in the BIOS? Do they agree with the actual specs of the memory? Only reason I ask this is that I just had wrong CAS level bite me in the A$$ with corrupt files during install, etc. Once I set it properly everything was smooth as silk.

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  2. Thanks for the response. I did check the timings/voltages and they are set correctly in the BIOS. I tried the exact same installs on another computer I have and there were no problems whatsoever. That is making me believe it is a bad mobo.
  3. Did you install the FastTrack Software for the RAID?
  4. Did you try calling soyo's tech support? I was on hold for 20 minutes before they went to lunch, and then 40 minutes in the afternoon. Their music on hold talks about stability issues--I don't recall any for what you are talking about. Try installing Windows98. I've returned everything to Fry's (THANK YOU FRY'S) - but as I recall the manual indicates works under Win9X-ME.
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