Bulding Budget System..Need Advice

Hey guys I am wanting to build a budget system for my kids and have decided on a PII 233-400 base. I like the value of the slot 1 cpu/mobo (found a pII 233/512 L2 for $12.00 and Gainward Mobo for $19 or with onboard sound for $35) and I already have a 128 mb stick of sdRAM to use for it. I have been checking Ebay and pricewatch and have found some good deals but it just seems there has to be a few dealers out there who specialize in out of date hardware that is still in retail boxes or factory new at dirt cheap prices. Any recomendations?? Also I think I will use an STB 128 velocity 4mb agp video card or similar 8mb card and a SB awe32 or 64 sound card. I have never dealt with a slot one cpu before so is there anything I need to know before installing?? Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.
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  1. Oh..by the way.. Is anyone familiar with Gainward mobo's??? I was looking at the models based on either the 440lx,440bx, or apollo 133, and 133a. Any advice???
  2. The system you're thinking of building will be outdated for video games, which is what kids want to use the computer for most often. I suggest a "pc kit" from pricewatch with duron 800-900 cpu. The kit also comes with mobo, heatsink, case and power supply. All this for about $100-110 including shipping. Some boards have built in sound, video, and lan. Most of the mobos will work with pc133 sdram. Call the vender to be certain, and see if the system is assembled and tested before shipping.
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