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i just bought an Epox 8K7A+ motherboard with an Athlon xp 1800 and 2 60gb IBM Deskstar hard drives. I need to know how to set up RAID 0 with those two drives. Do i need to connect each drive to a separate IDE channel or how do i set these up and configure them?
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  1. Connect each drive to one of the Highpoint IDE buses (IDE3 and IDE4) both Master. Then enter the HPT370 BIOS, set up a RAID 0 array from the menu then reboot. Now depending which OS you're installing you do the following:

    Boot off a boot floppy (98 boot disk will do)
    fdisk and format the drive
    run the OS install.

    If it's 2K you have to press F6 to install the highpoint drivers off the CD (you have to put them on a floppy first)

    if it's XP or 98 you're good to go without the Highpoint drivers.

    If you're installing XP or 2K and you want to run NTFS just choose the "convert to NTFS" option during the install.

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