Soyo K7V DRAGON Ultra and DRAGON Lite

SOYO’s New VIA Chipset Motherboards for AMD Socket A CPUs Offer features for all Levels of Users

SY-K7V DRAGON Ultra and DRAGON Light Feature On-Board 6-Channel Sound, USB 2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, Embedded RAID Chips

HANNOVER, GERMANY (March 13, 2002) SOYO Computer, Inc. announced a pair of motherboards with VIA’s KT333 and KT266A chipsets for AMD Socket-A CPUs, which deliver the power and flexibility to meet the needs of any level user or application.

SOYO’s new SY-K7V DRAGON Ultra is the company’s fastest motherboard for AMD processors with its VIA KT333/8233A chipset, DDR333 memory support, USB 2.0 on board, and many advanced and easily customized features. SOYO’s new SY-K7V DRAGON Light offers many of the same features as the DRAGON Ultra such as DDR333 support, but eliminates the RAID and 10/100 Ethernet controllers to offer a more price-conscious motherboard without sacrificing performance.

The SY-K7V DRAGON Ultra flies past previous AMD Socket-A based boards with its VIA KT333 chipset, which now fully supports DDR memory modules at 333MHz. The enhanced chipset solves bottlenecks created by increasing processor speeds, and accelerates the memory bandwidth by 20% to 2.7 gigabits per second (GB/sec) compared to 2.1 GB/sec with existing 266MHz memory.

In addition to extra memory bandwidth from the KT333 chipset, the SY-K7V DRAGON Ultra also boosts performance with ATA-133 (133Mbytes/sec) support for hard drives, and USB 2.0 on board.

On board 10/100 Mbps Ethernet is a standard feature of the SY-K7V DRAGON Ultra with its Realtek 8100B controller. SOYO has also embedded a HiPoint IDE-RAID chip to provide ATA133 IDE RAID at Level 0 (data striping), Level 1 (disk mirroring) or Levels 0+1.

The SY-K7V DRAGON Light is based on VIA’s KT266A / 8233A chipset with 200/266 MHz FSB. Both the DRAGON Ultra and DRAGON Light motherboards are expandable with three 184-pin DDR SDRAM 2.5V DIMM sockets, which support up to 3GB of DDR333 memory. Both boards have five 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots (V2.2 compliant), and one Universal AGP Pro slot, which support 1x/2x/4x mode.

The DRAGON Ultra and Light motherboards feature an on board CMI 8738 audio chip to provide 6-channel digital audio. The sound chip eliminates the need for a sound card, and also supports optical output & SPDIF output. SPDIF allows digital audio signals to be transferred from one device to another without having to convert them first to analog.

The DRAGON Ultra and DRAGON Light each feature an on board Ultra I/O chip, which supports two RS-232 serial ports (16550 UART compatible); one parallel printer port (SPP/EPP/ECP mode); one FDD port (Supports 3 mode, 1.2/1.44/2.88 MB FDD; an IrDA (infrared) port with optional cable for transceiver, and four USB 2.0 ports (2 rear, 2 front). The boards also have two PCI bus mastering ATA133 E-IDE ports, and Ultra DMA 66/100/133 IDE ports, which support four independent channels to accommodate eight IDE devices, including two for RAID.

Users can easily fine-tune either board by adjusting the CPU FSB, core voltage & multiplier, or AGP Pro voltage through the Award PCI BIOS setup. The FSB can be set in 1Mhz increments through the BIOS setup

Support is also included for on-board hardware monitoring, and includes SOYO’s Hardware Health Utility to streamline PC system management. Among the many hardware monitoring functions found on both boards are CPU fan speed and temperature monitoring through a thermal sensor; WOL (Wake On LAN) function to simplify network management; software power-off controls and remote and/or alarm power-on control.

The SY-K7V DRAGON Ultra and DRAGON Light motherboards will ship in March. Contact SOYO direct for individual and volume pricing.

SOYO Computer, Inc was founded in 1985, with worldwide headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and branch offices in Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. The company sells its products through a select group of distributors, resellers, system integrators, and VARs worldwide.

SOYO’s U.S. headquarters are at 41484 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538. For information, call 510-226-7696 or visit

European headers are located at SOYO Deutschland GmbH, August-Wilhelm-Kuhnholz-Str.15, D-26135 Oldenburg (Oldb), Germany, Tel: 49-(0)441-209100, Fax: 49-(0)441-203422, Web Site:,
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  1. Hey, thanks for the commercial bud. Not to sound like a dick, but what's your point?
  2. Oh, you guys don't do press releases? OK, sorry... my bad. I just thought people might want to discuss it.
  3. Thanks for the informative information. It sounds like Soyo delievers some ass kicking boards. I have a Soyo Dragon Plus and love it! I've seen Dragon Ultra at Fry's for a pretty good price.

    A burned software is not pirated software, it is shareware. :wink:
  4. yes we do do press releases. And keep it up I have been looking for this info for a month now and am pleased that you came along and did your article.
  5. i don't see any info for this Product on the SOYO site.......
    am i missing anything...or am i not looking in the right spot ?

    Measure Twice, Cut Once!!
  6. I called Soyo and they told me that the SY-KT333 DRAGON Ultra motherboard will be released in the next 2 weeks. I did find it strange that there was no information on their website, you would think that they would have some info on it.
  7. well atleast you cleared that up, i thought i was BLIND!!

    Measure Twice, Cut Once!!
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