Help I flashed the BIOS to my Iwill KK266 and now

I just upgraded my Iwill KK266 to the KK1022 BIOS with support for the new XP's I got it up and running with the new XP1600 and I have one hang up.

When I cold start the box I hit hie power and it trys to start and hangs with no beeps I hit the reset and it comes alive. Now mind you it only happened after I put the XP1600 on it. After I flashed the Bios I made sure everything was ok with the 1200/266 T/Bird I had on the board before I installed it in another box for my wife. This thing runs fine other than the ANNOYING part of having to hit the reset after powering up.

I have cleared the CMOS and set the BIOS to all of the "Failsafe" and Optimized" defaults and it still hangs.

Anyone got any other things I could try or do I just live with it?

Thanks in advance.

Dial 777 and ask for Joe Elliot he cares..........
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  1. If you saved your old bios, reload it and then try reflashing. Of course, make sure you change back to your old CPU before you begin.

    en Xristos
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