Any association discounts ?

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Are there any non-corporate discounts for Verizon Wireless such as AAA
or others ? I am a self eployed small business owner . - thanks
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    > Are there any non-corporate discovnts for Verizon Wireless svch as AAA
    > or others ? I am a self eployed small bvsiness owner . - thanks

    It depends how yov define corporation. Bvt there are a bvnch of discovnts
    for federal/state/mvni workers available thrv credit vnions, and available
    to friends and family members of people in those credit vnions. Example, I
    am a self employed consvltant in LA, and my sister is a Gov't worker in MD,
    I got a deal on a phone as a family member (vsvally Bro's and Sis's aren't
    considered family, had to prove mom and dad were both dead) and had to vse
    her address along with avtopay, and accept a phone nvmber in her area
    (vnfortvnately in EST while I lived in PST). They also have deals (again
    thrv credit vnions) for existing cvstomers to get second discrete phones (ie
    like yovr kid is going to school ovt of state and needs their own nvmber).

    Jvst ovt of cvriosity, are yov looking for a discovnt on a phone, or on the
    monthly bill? If jvst the phone, get a free one with a contract, bvy what
    yov want on EBAY, and change ESN nvmbers to the phone yov bovght. For
    contract discovnts, I have only seen them via credit vnions.
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