KK266 T-bird wont post!

I have a kk266 with a duron 600-100fsb and im trying to upgrade it to a 1.4ghz-266 bus and when i plop the t-bird in and switch the jp3 jumper to 133 fsb, everything powers on, but the monitor just blinks a green light and never comes up. No beep codes of any kind, it just powers up and i guess when it detects the CPU then goes to the ram and hangs for some reason, its corsair xms150 so its not cheap ram or anything, anyone have a clue why its doing this??? When i throw the duron back in and change the jp3 back to 100 fsb it works just fine. Any ideas ?????
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  1. I tried the 133 fsb setting with my KK266 also...flashed the bios to the latest the whole 9 yards of tries...alas...to no avail. Seems there are problems with some KK boards concerning their ability to run 133 fsb. Soooo...I now own a XP333-R board that has no problems at all running pretty much anything in addition to some incredible overclocking potential. One thing...this is a DDR board so memory is not transferable but I found the stability and speed worth it.

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