Windows 98SE Install Problem

I've just finished putting together my first PC:

Asus K7V mobo w/ AMD Athlon 900MHz CPU
512MB Ram (
NVidia GForce2 AGP card
IBM Deskstar 60GB HD
Pioneer DVD

Bios is fully updated to rev 1007

I posted a message in the Windows 2000 forum about my inability to install Win2k because it keeps getting errors when copying files from the CD...

When I try to install Windows 98SE, it gets to the start installation screen (the first graphical screen, after the system check...) and when i click "continue", I get the following:

W98SETUP caused a General Protection Fault in module KRNL386.EXE at 0001:3E9A

So, I've essentially spent $2000 on a sweet black doorstop...

Any ideas what can be wrong here?
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  1. Check your installation disks they may be scratched, dirty or have corrupted files.
    If not try clocking down your CPU to say 500mhz then installing the operating system. If this works and you get the OS up and running then clock up again to normal speed. I did this with a friend’s computer once that was having similar probs and it worked quite well.
  2. If i've got my system overclocked too much, I get installation errors too. You might try dropping the multiplier and giving it a shot, or putting some extra cooling on with a housefan.
  3. I had a win98 upgrade cd that was bad. I called Microsoft about it and they replaced it after having me do a few test. I dont remember the exact errors that it was causing, but the install wouldnt work.

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