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DV Video Basics?

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March 7, 2004 11:55:46 AM

DV Video Basics

I'm really considering to get a DV camcorder and a FireWire card for my PC. I wanna cut the video on my PC and than convert it to either MPEG2 for SVCD's and to DivX.
since I don't know if all this is possible I would like to know the following before I buy:
1. is DV a format of its own or just uncompressed raw video?
2. most FireWire cards come bundled with Video editing software. does this include the necessary DV-drivers for Windows 98/2000?
3. is the DV format installed in the system like any other codec so that it could be converted to another using VirtualDub?
4. has any one experience with the stuff I wanna do?

any answers/help would be very much appreciated!

Gary Hendricks
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March 7, 2004 10:40:30 PM

at one point i was highly into video editing and all this [-peep-]. My uncle is actually highly into it. He takes his VHS tapes like wedding tapes and edits them with custom menu's and puts them on DVD
he went with the Canon ZR series with Firewire and he bought a Pinnacle Capture Card.

if you have winxp that baby just detects it soon as you plug it in.

I know my uncle uses Adobe Premiere. You hook your Cam up to the firewire and then click the Capture option on premiere.

When you capture premiere has all the output forms.. it will put it to almost everything. also you can get something like tempgc or something like it converts movies and stuff like that.

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March 8, 2004 9:10:04 PM

Its all possible what you wanna do.
Simply using your firewire card to capture to your pc, then using Virtualdub, TMPG or the like to convert to divx, xvid or whatever.

dont worry, stacks of people do it all the time.

All DV camcorders will be fine.
you could even do it without a firewire card, you
could even purchase a video capture card instead of a wirewire card.

I capture from TV, DIgitatal TV, VHS all the time using a cheap video capture card, workd like a dream.

Your DV - firwire option is even better and faster


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