Why doesn't this Work??

Ok, so i got all the essential parts for upgrading my ABIT BH6 v.1.1 board with an up-to-date BIOS. Attached the PIII 1ghz CPU to my Microstar slotket 6905 ver.1.1 configured all the jump.settings properly, (says it's 100mhz FSB ready but also got an 133mhz FSB jumper option on it),
inserted a 256mb PC133 RAM, cleared CMOS before bootup(just in case) And "took off". Nothing! No startup at all.
Assume the PIII wants a 1.75 core voltage and the jumpers on the slotket that control the core voltage is set to "auto" (recommended). What is wrong here? Can't figure it out, real frustrating, since i know it's suppose to work.
The only component which's gonna be o.clocked is the AGP..
Could it be i have to get another s.370 slotket?

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  1. You need to set the voltage to 1.8 or 1.85 on the slocket. The motherboard does not support 1.75 volts.

    You may also need to update the bios before changeing the cpu.

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  2. Could be what Rick said, later versions had the VRM 8.4 spec voltage regulator required for lower voltages, earlier versions used VRM 8.2. If BIOS detects a CPU voltage it knows the board cannot provide, it won't boot. By setting your CPU to a higher voltage on the Slotket, you can get around that problem. 1.80v or 1.85v usually works. This voltage will also give you some room for overclocking.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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