Tiger MP and an XP 1600+

I have a Tyan Tiger MP motherboard and a single Athlon XP 1600+ I got it to post a couple times using a 200Mhz FSB, as it never posted using a 266Mhz FSB. My question is, can I even use this chip with this board? Is the chip bad? I know something is amiss as it doesn't even post in 200Mhz FSB mode anymore. The board works fine with my old 700Mhz Duron.

Never have I seen so many great minds bent on such small a task.
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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS? What kind of power supply?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  2. Yes, I have the BIOS version 1.04, the latest for this board. I am using an Enermax 365W PSU which provides 32A on the +5V rail, above the minimum 30A required by the board. I CAN boot with a Duron on CPU0, but not with the XP 1600+ there.

    Never have I seen so many great minds bent on such small a task.
  3. Not even at 100MHz bus? Hmmm, maybe somebody else has a clue?

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  4. You might try connecting the last bridge of the L5 bridges (the one on the right side) and see if that helps, using either conductive paint or rear window defroster solution. One article says that it will trick the machine into thinking you have an mp cpu.
  5. just some things:
    -make sure the fsb jumpers (both sets) are set to the same frequency.
    -make sure cmos jumper is set to default, not clear.
    -even if the L5 bridge is cut, it <i>should</i> still post with a single xp chip. but i would check to see if it's cut or not depending if you plan to use xp chips. i got 2 xp1800's to run fine with it.
    -are you sure it's not posting at all? from the majority of people i've seen with this board, there is some delay of video on power up. some people it's a few seconds. others, like me have a longer delay. i have a 20sec delay on video with a matrox g550.
    -i assume you are starting with <b>minimal</b> components installed? (eg. cpu, 1 stick of ram, video, hdd, fdd)
    i had a big delay problem other than my video which turned out to be the board didn't like my pioneer 106s (dvd drive). caused a 40sec delay.

    i won't lie, i haven't seen too many people that had a flawless setup with this board. there seems to always be a hitch. but once it's going it's solid.

    I run duals because i multitask between notepad, outlook express and winamp :lol:
  6. Yeah, very minimal componats, and the CMOS jumper is not set to clear. The FSB jumpers are set at the same speed. I did let it try to post for about a min, but my Radeon doesn't put in a delay. At least not on my old board. I tried the chip in my friend's AK31 mobo, and there it displayed the video card info, then hung. I think right now I am going to wait for the other CPU to arrive (the punks over at SonicParts.com only sent half my order the first time. Losers.) and try that one. I'll have to get a trace pen for closing the last L5 bridge, which IS cut, but hat can wait a little while. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.

    Never have I seen so many great minds bent on such small a task.
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