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Hi there. I´m planning to buy a Athlon system using a Soyo Dragon Plus Main Board. My question is related to the on board sound. Is the sound in this boad processed by the main CPU or it has a separate chip for doing that. In other words, will I lose system performance (in games for instance) by using the on board sound feature?
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  1. seperate chip

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  2. If you are looking for Amazing Sound Performance, you probly aint gonna get what your looking for with OnBoard Sound..... your better off buying something like a Turtle Beach... or as FatBurger Would recommend.. the Hercules Game Theater XP

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  3. The sound is very good, certainly good enough that you don't need to buy a sound card. If you want the best integrated sound though you should check out MSI's Nforce board w/o the integrated graphics... it's the 415D chipset, hell the sound on that board is as good as the SB Audigy not to mention Creatives lack of updates to their drivers. If you like on board LAN, onboard sound than that's the board I would get... it's only $109 at Newegg I believe.

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  4. you will be happy with the board. i am very happy with mine.

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  5. yeah according to my experience, only the NForce's onboard releases appealing sound effect(BUT not as good as Audigy yet, it's kinda like Philips' AE)... While all others really torture both ur ears and ur system performance!

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