need help writing a BAT file

i need some help writing a bat file.

i want to be able to click on 1 icon on my desktop and have it load 5-6 web pages at one time.
i want to be able to load all the forums i read.

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  1. You can simply create a .bat file with 5 commands similar to:

    explorer [the web page]

    For example if you want to open a window with yahoo, and one with tom's hardware you would write in the same .bat file


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  2. Get Mozilla Firebird which supports tab browsing by default. In your homepage, put | (pipes) between your homepages. For example, |

    You should get getting off IE anyways since it has way too many security holes..
  3. or you can get <A HREF="" target="_new">Crazybrowser</A> which has groups - where you can save a bunch of pages as a group. You can specify which group to open automatically on startup. Cool browser. Also has builtin popup suppression. I won't use anything else these days.

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  4. Yup, CrazyBrowser is the good thing!
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