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Yeah, I know. This has been asked a million times but what the hell, I'm a Newbie! I plan on building a new,fairly sophisticated,P4 system. Because of costs I might start with the 1.8 CPU but a lot of the rest will be SOTA. Lian-li,G4 4600 Titanium,WD100GB/8MB,at least 512MB RDram. Tom's guide,which I have not visited in quite a while does not even talk about the i850 boards. I am looking at Soyo,Abit,Asus. I would like onboard Raid(to put drives on separate channels). Any suggestions? I really AM a Newbie! My first and so far only box is a PII 350!

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  1. wolf, i got my P4 with ASUS mobo
    look for the ICS clock gen when possible cos good overclocking
    else for the RAID issues, go for the ABIT since its also better at overcloking
    but in terms of stability, go for ASUS

    AMD is good, but Intel is more fun
  2. The abit TH7-II with raid was $135 shipped (refurbished with 30 day warranty at newegg). Don't know if they still have it in stock. Be sure to get a northwood cpu with an "a" after it 1.6a,1.8a 2.0a etc. always even numbered. The 1.5,1.7, etc. are the old willamette core cpus.
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">essential computers</A> has the abit th7-II for $135...around $140 including shipping...and its a new retail...just fyi...
    and if you pair it up with some good quality rdram and the P4 can overclock the P4 up to and beyond 2 ghz.

    <b><font color=red>ATI</font color=red>'s drivers are like a broken faucet, they both keep on leaking...</b> :cool:
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