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I have a problem with my gigabyte GA-7VRX and Leadtek Winfast A170 (GeForce4 MX 440).When I plug the card in there is no picture???????? The box of the mainboard clearly states that it is compatible with GeForce4 MX. I tried the 3d card onto another pc and it is ok. I also tried another 3d card to this GA-7VRX and it is ok. So wats the problem??
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  1. Are you sure you put the card into the "AGP" slot? I truly hope you are not one of the unfortunate people who "installed" there video card into a PCI slot by accident. Or did you get the crappy MX440 PCI? Then the only problem you may have is if you left an older card in the AGP slot. Two cards can't run at the same time. What do you mean "The box of the mainboard clearly states that it is compatible with GeForce4 MX?" Motherboard boxes rarely ever even post a specific brand of video cards. If you mean it said it has AGP that SUPPORTS Nvidia video cards, that would seem more feasible. Read the instructions and try again =/

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  2. A170 DO HAVE compatibility problem with some MBs...Due to Leadtek's is "layout problem of your MB":P
    Therefore,it is not intel or via that should take care of the problem......
    In Taiwan,some people using "wrong MBs" complain about Leadtek. Others deny the problem and insist it is all "user's fault" or "MB maker's fault."
    Somebody even make fake messages:(
    In Japan,I even saw a web page recording some MBs that had problem with A170t...
    In my case,my A170t worked fine with my tusl2-c.Unfortunaely,it got out of function and randomly crashed my system after a month. (Although it had nothing to do with the compatibility problem)Even Nvidia's latest 2832 driver couldn't save it.....
    GF4MX will be a good product for beginners....but not now!

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  3. Well unfortoinatly I think I know the problem.

    Gigabyte's KT266a boards ALL have problems with the GF4 (No picture) I was told that the new one would fix this, but if your getting this issue I'm thinking they didn't.

    I was going to upgrade in about a week myself, but not if that is the problem...I'll be getting one to test tomorrow, I'll post then if it works or not.

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