How Do I Take Screenshots of Games??

Yeah im just wondering how you capture an in-game screenshot of a game and how can i access the pics on the desktop? :oops: Thanks.
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  1. Some games have a hotkey to take a screenshot - the game will normally allow you to change which folder it saves to.

    Otherwise, you can use the "print screen" button on your keyboard, but IIRC that only saves to clipboard, so you'll then need to paste to a graphics program and then save. I think it saves as a .bmp, so the files will be huge - but your grpahics program will be available to saves as a .jpg or whatever else you fancy.
  2. If you don't mind them being watermaked, use a trial copy of fraps (which also does screenshots) or hypersnap.
  3. I downloaded FRAPS and it works fine, thanks for helping me out.
  4. or the easier way as stated above. hit PrtScrn. Its a few inches above backspace, and doesnt require any watermarks/you having to download anything.
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