"Pure virtual function call" error in NFSMW

The last couple of days, Need for Speed: Most Wanted has been crashing on me. When it does, I get the error "Pure Virtual Function Call." It seems to have started only after I completed the full 100% in Career mode. What in the hell is causing this?? It is very frustrating. I have the latest Nvidia drivers and the 1.3 update for the game. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I guess nobody else has this problem with the game??
  2. yeah, i've got this problem too
    when i play in challenges - long pursuit (more than 7 minutes) when i'm in pursuit in about 8,5 minutes i see that:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library
    Debug Error
    Program ...\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed Most Wanted\nfs.exe

    - pure virutal function call

    (press retry to debug the application)

    when i press retry the application exits

    i have about 25-30% progress in game, career and challenge series

    does anybody know why it happens

    thanks for all help
  3. I Dad the same problem in this game. The SO win ultimate
    debug error r6025 pure virtual function call :pfff: :(
  4. are they all full licensed versions of the game patched to the latest patch by EA?
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