What is Apocalypse's mutant power?

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Need to know for the game. :)
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    Hank the Rapper wrote:
    > Need to know for the game. :)

    Known Superhuman Powers: Apocalypse is a mutant who possesses
    superhuman strength which he can augment by psionically drawing on
    outside energy sources. Apocalypse can alter the atomic structure of
    his body at will in order to change his form. He can even increase his
    size by taking on additional mass from a presumably extra-dimensional
    source. Through his ability to alter his form, Apocalypse can give
    himself virtually any superhuman physical power. Apocalypse's "costume"
    is actually part of his body, and he can psionically alter its
    appearance at will. He can levitate himself telekinetically.

    Apocalypse has an extraordinarily long life span that has already
    lasted thousands of years. He can survive for weeks without food or
    water and can rapidly recover from injuries that would prove fatal to
    normal human beings. In the future, however, his physical form will
    eventually grow too aged and enfeebled to contain his vast superhuman
    energies. Hence, he will transfer his consciousness and powers into a
    succession of host bodies, abandoning each one when it too grows too
    old to contain his power.

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    He can shake exactly two aspirin from a bottle.
  3. Two exactly?!?
    Damn, now that's a mutant power...
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