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I installed some extra screensavers that weren't installed by default with
my Mandrake 10.1 Powerpack. I was bored with the 10 or so
screensavers that installed by default. The problem is that none of them
work as screensavers, though I can see what they look like using the
"Test" feature of the screensaver list. I checked Googlegroups and came up
with a message about a similar problem that said:


There are two problems here.
One is, you need the Gnome libraries to use them
and in some distro's, Mandrake 10.1, the xscreen savers
are broken and need to be updated.

If you have urpmi up and running get the xscreensaver
updated versions there.
Or from Thac.


I don't have gnome libraries installed because I only installed the KDE
desktop. Would I need to install every package that started with the
letters glib to get the libraries? If not, what would I look for
doing a search in rpmdrake?

And about the xscreensavers, using this site
for reference I eventually came up with this result in my Konsole shell

[username@localhost username]$ urpmq --fuzzy name xscreen

So I guess what I want is to su root and type
urpmi xscreensaver
urpmi xscreensaver-extrusion
urpmi xscreensaver-gl
urpmi xscreensaver-matrix

Should I uninstall the non-working xscreensaver package I currently have
before trying this or would it work to say
urpmi --update xscreensaver
urpmi --update xscreensaver-extrusion
urpmi --update xscreensaver-gl
urpmi --update xscreensaver-matrix

or just
uprmi --update xscreen*
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