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any one know where I can get the hardware to put together a laptop. I put together my 64-bit AMD® Athlon™ 64 processor 2800+ and everything is fine. I now want to build a laptop. I received a lot of information From Toms Hardware guide. And from what I found, Newegg is the only place to but hardware. Sorry about the shameless commercial but I did a lot of research on pricing.

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  1. I too was looking into building a laptop for myself but when it came down to it I couldn't get it to be exactly what I wanted. Unless things have changed a lot since I looked into it last you will probably not get a very portable or feature rich laptop and it will cost you a lot more than just buying one.
    If you are wanting to build one because you think it will be cheaper I doubt that will be the case, just buy one. If you want to do it just to do it and money/portability/features isn't to much of a factor then go for it and good luck :)

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  2. I believe there is quite a market for standardized laptop parts, but it's all in the wholesale. No retail stuff...probably only sold in bulk. You'll notice many online retailers have curiously similar looking cases options, specs, etc...
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    Also Sager, Velocity and a few others, all using the same chassis...
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