Are there any free flight sims out there?

Are there any free downloadable flight sim's out there? :wink:
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  1. Yes -- there is "Over Flanders Fields". You can find out more about it here It's a free download as a mod.

    It's a WWI mod for MSCFS3 that completely transforms that WWII sim into WWI.

    Technically it's not free since you have to have MSFS3 on your hard drive but I think you can get MSCFS3 for $25.00 at -- if you don't already have it. You might be able to find it in the el cheapo bin at your local game store.

  2. There's the flight sim built into Excel 97 too! Well, it's kind of a flight sim, except that you can't climb or descend and the scenery is dull.
  3. Here`s a good one YS flight 2000 and flight gear but you need a pretty good vid card to play flightgear. ysflight 2000 has 2 modes open GL and non open
    GL. and has network play.
  4. You could also try

    Its an open source flight sim. If youre more of a space traveling fan, theres always
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