WoW = World of Waiting

And I Quote: From Ordinn....Blizzard GM and Poster.

" We wanted to let you know that we are aware of the performance issues some players have been experiencing recently, including: realm queues, slow character-list retrieval, authentication delays, and loot lag, and keep you informed of the steps we’re taking to alleviate the problems. During the holiday season, thousands of new players created accounts and many players reactivated their dormant accounts, pushing our daily concurrency to the highest levels we have seen since World of Warcraft launched. This increase in concurrency increased pressure on our systems, causing the issues listed above.

We began preparing for this increase in players prior to the holidays, and we would like to share our plans with you. The first step is to target some of our ongoing code improvements specifically at decreasing pressure on World of Warcraft’s system infrastructure. We have been making and will continue to make code improvements throughout the life of the game, but our goal with these specific changes will be to help streamline how item creation impacts the database, which will help mitigate some of the issues. The second and more impactful step will be to add new hardware to increase performance. This increase will significantly improve the current level of performance, and, combined with the code improvements, should alleviate the issues listed above.

In order to accommodate the further growth of our player base, we have plans in motion to open a new World of Warcraft site a few months from now. This will allow us to bring a large number of new realms online for the new players, as well as any players who join in anticipation of The Burning Crusade. In addition, we will begin to replace our current systems with the newest top-of-the-line components, with the goal of further increasing performance across all realms.

As always, we remain committed to delivering the best possible service for you, and we will do everything necessary to ensure that World of Warcraft continues to provide an experience that you have to come to expect from all Blizzard games. We appreciate your patience as we work to make the changes discussed here over the weeks and months ahead."

It's not some is 99% of all players experiencing these problems of lag, choppy in game performance and large Queue times during peak playing hours. For many nights now I have been waiting in Queue's of 400+, which translates to about 15-30 minutes to log in each evening....That's 7.5-15 hours of waiting to play a game each month, and we are paying for this.

Blizzard's promise of new realms and server transfers are not the solution to these problems. People pick the server they wish to be on because they have friends there most times that they wish to play with. Those friends join a guild, form alliances and play together numerous times a week for 4+ hours each time.

Blizzard has reached according to them over 5.5 million players worldwide. They failed to prepare for this. They knew well in advance that they needed better servers, better code writing and better customer support in place to handle things. The game has been out over a year now and were at the same place we was last year with empty promises of better game play.

According to Blizzard's GM Ordinn " We appreciate your patience as we work to make the changes discussed here over the weeks and months ahead. " ....Weeks and Months ahead??? That would mean we should expect continued poor server performance and long Queue times until...SPRINGTIME??...Totally unacceptable for a game that is being paid for.

They are making a lot of money each month from their loyal players and not investing enough of it back into the game fast enough to keep up with the ever growing game populations. This in my book translates to very poor customer service.

Blizzard should step up and fix these issues in a timely manner and provide us with a quality playing experience that we have come to expect from them.

/rant off =)
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  1. I stopped playing over half a year ago. Nice to see nothing changed since then. Even their excuse sounds exactly alike...
  2. Quote:
    Blizzard should step up and fix these issues in a timely manner and provide us with a quality playing experience that we have come to expect from them.

    I believe that is impossible to do...
  3. I dont get much lag in WoW, the only time i really get lag is when some of the other servers go down and all the idiots come in and spam our server...

    this causes major waiting time and really generally disrupts game playing time

    otherwise not many problems with WoW....whereas Guild Wars has got ever increasing lag times
  4. If people are so pissed off with having to pay for such poor service/etc why don't you just not play the game until they fix it? Not like it's the only game in the world.

    If you are still paying for it now then it is obviously worth it to you and seems a bit off center to bitch about it.
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