Star Wars: Empire at War

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This will be the first SW RTS that will get my money and most likely the alot of other peoples money too.

Seriouly, this is a worthy buy, I was so impressed by the demo, I am freekin going out of my mind waiting for Thursday and my copy to come into my local game store. I even modded the demo to see how the rest of the game might play, but it doesn't do it justice. I will wait for the retail game to actually play the campaign.

On another note, I actually toouched the retail product last Friday at work. A shipment of the game came through my hub and the box broke open, and 3 copies got left behind. I almost took one home. Cource, that would really be a wait of 4 and a half years at UPS...
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  1. Hi, Yeah it is a good game. It has taken me 3-4 weeks to work out how to play the campaign. (even after playing the Tutorial) The role is to take planets and build up defenses as you gather more and more planets to you side. When conquering planets, one must take the space first at the spacestation then land ground unit to take the whole planet. Meanwhile, you should endeavour to get as close to an Empire occupied (providing you ARE the Rebels) planets so that you can send R2D2 & C3PO to steal technology off the Empire. Thus enabling you to make advancements. Once you get up in Technology, you will start to notice other things will come. Like Han Solo & Chewbacca. Use these guys to steal credits from the local Empire Occupied planet. Also, conquering certain planets allow you access to certain features like Mon Calamari Planet. Taking this planet will enable you to have the upgrade ability to have Mon Calamari BattleCrusiers, which kick ass against the Star Destroyers and makes short work of bombarding space stations thus conquering more planets.
    See how you can deal with that?
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