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Lets get educated people, there is so much we don't now , and please do the proper research after wathcing this movie I did and found that the information is genuine. (flash)

and this is the actual site,
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  1. You're an idiot. Please go away and do not return. If you are looking for a forum in which to debate your moronic, brainwashed ideas on God and creation go somewhere else. Besides, the intelligent people in this forum would expose you for what you are -- an imbecile.

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  2. BAN this A$$Hole.....this is the god dam 5th or 6th thread i went in with his stupid ass POST!!

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  3. hmm and intelligent person would try to learn as much as he could about anything actually so, let the intelligent people to be intelligent...
  4. An intelligent man would think before talking. You seem to talk (post) without thought.

    Go and evolve into a man.

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  5. I'll learn about evolution by going to the library or put on the history or discovery channal not a god dam Computer Hardware Review site you DICK!

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  6. Must have struck a chord guys.

    Here's the copy of a P.M received at 4.23am my time from oproject.

    is it not being intelligent to give knowledge to other people ? is it not a sign of inteligentce to do search and learn about something about you don't know , how do you know you exist without knowledge ? is it not a sign of stupidty to send me a private message rather than posting in the post 'cause that will cause the post to be in the first line and everyone could see it ..?
    think about it ..

    Hmmm. When did I send you a P.M.? Why would I? You're really are a pathetic representative for any organisation. Perhaps you should peddle your goodies in a forum which doesn't revolve around logic so much. I'm through talking.

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