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Is the soyo dragon ULTRA kt33 mobo for amd available yet in the us? i can't find it on sale anywhere. if it isn't on sale now, has any date been at least approximated yet?

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  1. pssst. the epox 8k3a+ (kt333) is better :smile:

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  2. perhaps it is better as far as performance is concerned, but when you compare the performance with the added bonus of 4 usb 2.0 standard, 5.1 audio, lan, etc., i think it's a better bang.

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  3. What's so good about the Epox?

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  4. lol
    its for the overclocker in me

    clear socket area for monster heatsinks
    lots of mofsets for more stable power
    more bios overclock options, including up to 2v or so for the core
    decent package of extra goodies
    1/5 divider
    proven fsb beyond 180

    usb2.0 i dont use
    onboard sound i wont use

    but as they say... each to their own

    now that im thinkin i really should create a THG kt333 user database with all the mobos
    a comparison guide

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  5. Yo, that's a good idea!, i think it would be helpfull for people...Oh so it's mainly more for the OC'er which i Aint... What do you think of the Asus7V333 board?

    This Community is like a Second Family!!
  6. I called Soyo and they told me it would be out by next week (so they say). I just can't understand why there is no info on their website about it. It is going to be worth the wait, Soyo always puts alot of features on their mobos. If you want to read about the soyo kt333 this is the only article I have found on it
  7. mmm the asus is ok.
    but once again not for the hardcore overclocker cauz it lacks a couple of features.

    You're an embarrisment to nature you know that?
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