Cannot play Battlefield2 multi-player for more then 10 mins

This is actually what I posted to EA's support section, but would like to expand it to you folks to get some help on this please. This has been a problem since the day I bought the game. As a side note, when I had my motherboard replaced, the Ethernet is on board, so I know it couldn't be bad as well... since I also play over 8 other games just fine in multi-player.

Here is my problem...

I have never been able to get Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Vietnam, and Battlefield: 1942 to work on my high-end Alienware machine in multi-player mode.
System Specs: Alienware AMD FX-55 CPU, AS8-SLI Motherboard using 1 geforce 6800 Ultra PCI Express (tried numerous drivers for my video card, I own 2 geforce 6800 Ultra cards and tried the second one as well in both PCI express slots), 1 SoundBlaster Audigy, 2 gigs of RAM, 160 gig hard drive, and Windows XP SP2 with all recent security patches.
I bought this game when it first came out and have never been able to get it to work at all in multiplayer mode. When I try to join a game, my system runs for about 10 seconds and then crashes and freezes up. The only option I have is to then cold boot my computer to gain control of it again. I still can hear music and sound effects in the background, but lose complete control over the game, forcing me to reboot.

I have tried every single patch released for this game up to the most current patch with no luck. I have updated my motherboard chipset drivers to the latest as we as legacy versions. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it at least 3 times. I even went as far as to format my computer and then reinstall the game again.
One suggestion a while ago was to turn off the EAX option, but that failed to solve the issue as well.

I sent my computer back to Alienware and had the motherboard, CPU and power supply replaced. I have also checked the knowledge base on the EA website about firewalls, and temporarily disabled everything that had to do with a firewall, still it does not work. I run anti-virus software on my computer and have 3 different programs to detect spyware. My system is 100% clean of all viruses and spyware, but still... this game will not run for more then 10 seconds in multiplayer mode without freezing my machine completely. When I play a single-player game of Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Vietnam, and Battlefield: 1942 against computer controlled bots, I do not get these lockups after playing for more then 30 minutes.
I have also checked all of my RAM in my Alienware system. With the help of a technical support agent, he had me download a program that checked to see if any of my ram is bad. I checked each stick 1 by 1 (only 1 stick was in the motherboard each time I checked it) for extended tests of 14 hours per stick of RAM. The test took about 4 1/2 days to complete. All 4 sticks of 512k RAM passed their test, and no errors of any kind were found.

I also checked for over-heating issues. I have the AlienICE fan system, which keeps my system very cool. When checking my BIOS’ motherboard and CPU temperature readings after playing World of Warcraft for more then 8 hours and DOOM3 for more then 5 hours… they were still very low. So I know this is not an over-heating issue.

I also have the same exact problem with multiplayer lockups when playing Battlefield: 1942 and Battlefield: Vietnam. I do not have the problem when playing my other multi-player games such as Everquest, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Half-Life 2, Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat, Brothers in Arms, Doom 3, World War 2 Online, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies, Quake 3, Call of Duty and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. If all of these games work for long periods of times without a single lock-up, that tells me there is an issue here with the Battlefield series that is a very serious issue indeed.

This leads me to believe that there is a network issue with the Battlefield series, which needs to be addressed. Is there some type of option that I am missing in an .ini file and could it be that simple? Perhaps some type of True or False Boolean value that I need to set in a setup file that could cause this? For months I have tried to find a solution, as you can tell from the different things I tried in this letter, and all that I ask is for a solution to my problem so that I can play this great series of games.
Thank you for any help that you can give me in this issue, and I hope after months of frustration, I can once and for all enjoy Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Vietnam, and Battlefield: 1942 on my Alienware computer in multiplayer games.

On a side note, with all the games I mentioned that work perfectly fine in multiplayer mode, except for 3 made by EA, what does that tell you about the quality of EA's development team? I have been playing PC games for well over 15 years, and I have never had this many issues with a series of games such as the Battlefield lineup.

Forgive me if I sound rude, but after having problems for more then 6 months... I am running out of ideas, and need to find a solution!
Thank you and I hope to hear some solutions soon *prays to be able to play at least one day soon*
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  1. Any thoughts? 8O
  2. One Question, you wrote the 3 games don't work in Multiplayer. Have you tried Single Player? If it works in SP I would suppose its a weird Problem with the Network driver. In that case i would try a cheap PCI Network Controller (you can get one for only a few bucks).
    If the Problem persists in Singleplayer, uhm good question... a bug in the Gameengine with your hardware i believe.
  3. Well.. my own personal opinion but..

    Your first mistake was buying an Alienware rig..

    They are way overpriced and you can put together your own machine with just as much power at usually half if not less.. the price with better components and longer warranty.. (And a much cooler case usually)

    I see the gamers with the Alienware rigs and just laugh..

    Back on topic though..

    There is a section there for Battlefield 2.. that does a rundown on what you should put your settings on and does a great job explaining what you should run your system on.. most cases you'll see that "High" And "medium" settings are barely even noticeable.. but you get a big performance boost by keeping things on Medium..

    Very well put together guide.. check it out
  4. I don't see what this has to do with the OP's issue at all. I didn't ask if Alienware was a good system or not, I asked for help on Battlefield 2 and a network lockup issue.

    Then you send me to some guide for tweaks? What does this have to do at ALL with what my original issue was about (which is clearly stated as a network issue)? I stated in my original issue that single-player works fine, which means graphics and sound... guess what... WORK FINE!

    I hope you are never doing my technical support. I could just see myself calling in for broadband support and you send me to get better soundcard drivers.

    Oh and in response to your post...

    "I laugh at the people who don't read and comprehend". *grins*

    *Sigh* I guess I'll try another forum. Thanks for trying mate, better luck next time.

    Wow... just wow... 8O
  5. Sorry.. there is no technical support for ignorance..

    If you knew anything of the problems the BF series tends to have you'd recognize the fact what YOU describe are the symptoms of mis-configured video settings ingame.. And there is this skill called "reading" which if you would of noticed at tweakguides there is a quick link that reads "Battlefield 2" That goes into length many solutions for many of the common problems found in regards to Battlefield 2..

    I'm just gonna assume your one of those players that shoots at Tanks with your Machine gun.. :roll: In which case the community is better off you not being involved..

    Now I can see why you bought a POS Alienware Rig..

    Have fun finding a solution.... mate
  6. Network issue... just keep telling yourself that and you'll get the next issue solved that you try to take on. Next time don't send someone to a dead-end "guide". Instead, try to use your brain, read the full OP, and trouble-shoot the problem. Thanks, hopefully i'll get this solved some day, it's gonna take someone with some real smarts to get this issue fixed.

    Just thought i'd add my 2 cents, alright i'm out... peace all. :D
  7. Welcome to a COMMUNITY Forum.. Where Users offer FREE help to others out of courtesy & manners..

    You must be European because only such BF2 Players are so arrogant..
    It's amazing you could even find this place let alone read more then a full paragraph with how quickly you dismiss a well known and praised guide for troubleshooting problems..

    I'd suggest calling the EA games tech line if you want some OFFICIAL Tech Support if your going to be such a snobby pissant..

    Good luck trying to cash in your 2 cents.. they aren't worth the filth you try to post..
  8. Hi,

    Whilst I'm by no means an expert I experienced a similar issue with BF2(Strangely enough also with BlackHawk Down). Issue I experienced is similar in that I could play single player for hours no problem. About 5-10 minutes after joining a multi-player game the game freezes with the sound continuing in the background.

    I am using a GEforce 6600GT video card which has a similar chipset to your 6800 I imagine. When I looked into it the manufacturer runs the clock very high for the chipset (So much so temp monitoring has allegedly been disable on the card). When I used systool and take 10% of the core and memory clocks and turn anti-aliasing to 2x and the other graphic settings to medium it runs solidly in mutliplayer.

    Systool is downloadable at . You need to use the Nvidia overclocking function and then read the frequency, set it 10% down and write it back.

    May not work for you - but something else to try should you choose - good luck.
  9. shut up you F***IN forum n00b dont talk at all, your being the mean one all this guy wants is some help and you guys are just critisizing him on his rig, wtf if you dont wanna help with the problem at hand stfu! 3 posts pfft get off our forum, and you will be banned for discriminating. bitch.
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