ASUS P5N-D wont load bootable usb past Windows 8 splash


I'm trying to install Windows 8 from a bootable usb to my Desktop.

When I boot from usb, I see the new windows 8 logo, then the system hangs there, I left it for 10m, no change.

I then tried the same usb on my laptop, and after about 15s, I see the spinning white orbs, and I'm taking to the installation menu.

Any ideas why this same usb is producing different results? My desktop is an asus p5n-d
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    I had a long wait when I installed also, like 15 min, and I don't know why, but I left the room, when I came back it was ready.

    Maybe try waiting longer, but why I have no idea.
  2. Try checking for BIOS updates. I have seen older BIOS'es cause issues booting from USB drives (including newer versions adding the Boot from USB option, where it wasn't even present before).

    I have also seen it simply take longer on other systems with no obvious explanation, even with newer motherboards released in the last couple of years. If a BIOS flash doesn't solve it, try what njxc500 suggested and simply wait a bit longer. There may not be anything we can do about it other than wait.
  3. Windows 8 does not have the needed nforce drivers so it gets stuck, on the sata controller and pci-e drivers. I was able to get win 8 on my p5n-d by plugging the hdd into an older intel mother board. I installed windows, then installed the newest nforce sata and network drivers while on the intel board. Then put the hdd back into the nvidia computer.

    It worked fine after that.

    Any one with an nforce chip is kind of screwed now because MS is not adding the drivers natively.
  4. Worked after waiting about 15m. But now I get some boot error. Maybe I just need to wait for Windows 8 to actually get released.
  5. What error are u getting? I was getting a message that windows could not complete the installation and to run the install again.
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  7. Hi jrichardsMav
    I also have an asus p5n-d board (750i chipset) from 2009 with a Q9550 core-duo quad core and an old 8800GT nvidia card in it. I just wanted to comment that I was successful in installing Windows 8.1 Pro from an ISO file (Clean Install to another partition to preserve my windows 7 installations) downloaded from Microsoft on this machine without any special efforts or procedures. I was expecting problems after reading some P5nd users experiences but I had none.

    Just for grins I also installed the same win 8.1 ISO on an old Samsung N148P 64-bit atom processor netbook with 2Gb ram . Again without any problems even though neither machine had anything other than windows 7 drivers.

    Both computers ran faster and smoother (my perceptions not benchmarked). I also installed 8.1 on a new Toshiba I5 ultrabook and new Samsung series 3 I5 (both 3rd generations procs) without problems with the retail pro upgrade ISO we obtained from MS.

    Interestingly the 2.3 Ghz I5s outperformed the 2.8 Quad Q9550 easily on the HD video editing and media creation that we do in both win7 and 8.1. They also outperformed 1st generation I7s and were equivalent to 2nd generation I7s we benchmark tested with windows 7 versus windows 8. Since the ultrabooks were discounted with 8GB ram for less than $500 and came with upgradeable Windows 8 pro licenses we were pleased.

    I hope you got your computer working with windows 8 but if not just try a clean install of windows 8.1 There are other threads describing how to get the ISO files and activate them in some online forums. Activation was another issue however but we eventually solved that as well. The P5nd and nvidia 750i chipset with the latest drivers from nvidia seems to work fine with 8.1

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