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Hi, my friend has an abit motherboard and after doing a bunch of ram swapping with a friend's compaq his computer stopped booting up. We'd get the beeps telling us the ram was the problem even after using his original sticks. We cleared the cmos and that prevented anything from happening. In desperation we unpluged the mobo power cord waited a few minutes then put it back in and it booted fine. What could have caused this (and why did unplugging the mobo work when clearing the cmos didn't)? Static? the fact that he swapped stuff with a compaq? (just kidding on that one...:)) We're both at a loss.

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  1. Over the years I've learned not to question things like this, especially when it ends up working. Not worth the agony. Just chalk it up to the fact that the gods were smiling on you and be happy!

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. heh, ok. he was very happy as you could probably guess.

  3. Abit motherboards have always given me boot/power problems.

    I have an old one in which if it loses power, I have to unplug, replug repeatively to get the thing to even power on.

    I have another, BE6, in which one day it decided not to boot to bios on the first power on. IE I hit the power switch, hold it so it then powers down in 5 sec (or so) and then hit the power on again. It then boots fine.

    Needless to say, I have said goodbye to Abit boards and hellow to Asus.

    I was once lost but now I am found!
  4. It's good to get a power supply that has a switch on it. I got an epox mvp running my 500mhz k6-2. If power goes out and comes back on quickly, i'll have to turn off the power from the back and then turn it back on after a few seconds. I think it has to do with the fact that ATX boards always have power to them in some way so that KB power on, wake on lan, and wake on ring functions will work properly. if the power gets out of wack for something then it'll need to be unplugged


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  5. With the old AT systems when you turned the system off it is off. With ATX your motherboard is always ON and your PCI cards are always receiving power! My motherboard has a green led to warn me that the power is on even though the system is off. You should alway turn off or unplug your power supply before opening the case just to be safe and avoid problems.

    I have a PCI graphics card that gets messed up when my system crashes, it will then stay messed up untill I turn off the powersupply and wait 3 sec for the motherboard light to go out.
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