PC reboots when exiting Halo

I don't know why, but my computer has rebooted two different times when I exit Halo. Not while I am playing, but when I exit the game to go back to the desktop. Anybody else have this problem or know of a solution? Microsoft blames it on the video card (6600 GT) in their error report.
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  1. What version of halo do you have and what drivers for the video card do you have? Its happend to me before in a few games, the game will freeze up when i exit out and then the computer just turns off and restarts. Update your Drivers and see what happens.
  2. I have Halo V. and have nVidia ForceWare V.77.72 (it's old I know). I am about to update the drivers to V.81.98 and hopefully that will stop my computer from restarting when I exit the game. Could it have anything to do with screen resolutions?
  3. Try new drivers.. would help.
  4. I updated the drivers and haven't had any more problems.
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