Blue Screen - 0028:c004 type - need help

Asus A7A266, AMD athlon 1.4 gighz, two sticks of Crucial 256 megs DDR ram.

First major problem started when I was on the internet and I could not download files beyond 5-6 minutes. Each time I recieved the OE ... 0028:c004E21E in VXD VCache.

This also occurs when I am using my CDR, when the data is fairly large.

I started deleting latest installed software such as games. Then I told myself and forced myself to reinstall Win 98 SE. I reformated the harddrive and started to reinstall and the install keeps stalling putting in the hardware cinbfigurations. Several times at the CABs copying. (getting message to clean CD disc)

So I got this harddrive and put it in my old computer and installed Win 98SE with no problems. I also put in my plexor CDR into my old computer and works fine.

I tried to put my hardrive back into my system (the system that was messing up) but gave me a registery error and then followed by the blue screen, which was a little different then the one listed above: 0028:c004EA3A

Win98SE has worked well for about 6 months. Something went wrong. Same Hardrive works great on my old system (Pen II 233). When I put the same HD in my new/non working computer, it goes back to same illegal operation.

I Took out the extra ram, switch ram, changed CDROMs... So I suspect its a hardware problem such as motherboard, CPU, etc.

Any help would be great. I was also wondering how much will it cost for Bestbuy or some local computer shop to test my ram, motherboard, and CPU.

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  1. dude ur prob seems a lil complicate that is there can be many reasons for it. but from what i see is
    1 check your IDE cables if they are connected properly.
    2 try to use another CD-ROM/CRW and see if it has the same problem. if u still have problems with the cd than
    3 check your ram.
    4 check the jumper settings read and see if everything is done right.
    u have to go step by step so that u know where the problem exactly is.

    coz the prob doesnt seem tobe in hdd and cpu.
    i think the prob lies is either or these:

    1- your RAM
    2- IDE CABLES(should be connected properly!!!)

    after doin all these if u still have probs pm me

  2. Blue Screens are low level system errors, they can be caused by a defective motherboard, incorrect device drivers, corrupt Operating System, unstable RAM, poor power quality, overheated/overclocked CPU. You typically do not see blue screens with bad ide cables/devices, instead ethier the system freazes or you get other non blue screen errors.

    Let me make a few wild guesses

    1) Usually its the RAM, but in this case I doubt thats your problem. Crucial tests 100% of its RAM before it ships and RAM tends to either fail in the fist coulple days or last forever. If your problem started just after handling your memory you could have zapped it with static electricity (I always use a wrist strap, but simply grounding yourself by toughing the case is usually proteciton enough. Also aggressive memory settings can cause instablity. Have you manually adjusted the frequency or latecty (CAS/CL) settings? If so immediately switch to less aggressive setting and see if it makes a difference.

    2)Do you have power supply that is AMD approved for your processor? Its the quality of the power not the wattage or even price that is important. The voltage levels are always fluctuating, and the quality goes down as you increase the load. Sometimes a low quality power supply will work fine until you add a new device.

    3) CPU - like RAM either tend to fail immediately or last forever. Any damage to the CPU and your system will not POST so you can rule that out. Perhapse your CPU is overheating? Check you CPU motherboard temperature. Are you using a heatsink that is AMD aprroved for your CPU? Are all your fans working? I had a friend whos computer would crash like yours and it turned out that his heatsink fan needed replaced!

    4) Overclocking. Are you overclocking, overvolting. If so imediately return to safe settings.

    5) It could be bad device drivers or a virus. But a virus would affect your old computer and you did not metion recently changing device drivers.

    6) Remove all unnecessary cards and ide devices and swap out the video card if you can and see if it makes a difference.

    7) The motherboard - If you cpu is not overheating and you have not changed you bios settings recently then this would be my guess. I have had two motherboards die on me and both times I got systems like yours before they failed completely.

    You can have ram tested (make sure they have the right equipment) and you might be able to talk a local shop into putting you CPU/RAM into one of their systems. Or you can put your components into a friends computer.

    Definately check your cpu temperature and your heatsink fan. Go into you bios make sure you are using safe settings for everything. If your heatsink/powersupply is not AMD approved for your processor then you should replace them imediately.

    Hope something here helps.
  3. One more piece of information, I could go to Mythic and game over the internet all day long without any erors (before reinstalling windows, downloading a zone would cause the game to crash to desktop). If I went to any website and tried downloading, I would start getting the error message.
    1. I built the system using retail parts. The computer housing came with an approved AMD power supply. The Asus probe monitoring the system would show an occassional sharp drop in power supply or temperature increase spike that only lasted a millisecond. I think that this was due to the probe software which is known to occassionally miss the mark and give a false reading. The system normally shows a steady "within parameters" reading on "CPU" temperature and voltage feeds to the various parts of the system.
    2. The system has never been overclocked. No values have been altered in the BIOS.
    3. All devices except the m/b, processor, video card and ram was tested in the old system and work fine over the internet. All the devise drovers were loaded on the old system and work fine. The video card was not tested due to it being an AGP card and could be used in the old system which is a PCI based card system.
    4. I agree about the motherboard. I suspect the motherboard too. The system works perfectly without error messages when I am not on the internet downloading a file, etc. I can game on the internet or sit ar a website all day long but if I start to download any information the messages happen.
    5. Some part of my system that is not normally used except when I am downloading on the internet is going bad. I think that narrows the trouble to the motherboard or to the CPU. Additionally, when I tried to reinstall windows 98SE on the system after a fresh format I got various error messages. I went to the old system with the hard drive and WIN 98SE installed perfectly.
    Since you had the same symptoms on bad m/b's, I think it may be more the m/b rather than the CPU.
    Thanks for your help, your information about the m/b is most helpful. I am sending the m/b back to ASUS for testing.

    IMacs for the blind
  4. A quick search for "VxD Vcache" on the Mircosoft KB site reveals that your issue is most probably (at least according to them) due to a faulty RAM chip. You probably can confirm that in-fact one of them is bad by reversing their positions and see if the symptoms change at all. (Look specifically at the address in the error message, or take note of when the failure occurs--either earlier or later then before the switch.) Another thing to try is to remove one of the RAM sticks, run some tests and then switch them and repeat.

    This should definitively prove or disprove that the ram is the problem.

    "There are no mysteries with computers...just fix it you idiot!" (R. Warren 1909-1990)
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