Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Issues

So all of you know.

I just found out that the GA-7VRXP (could be on the non-P too) will work with an Abit GF4 MX440, but <i>not</i> a VisionTek GF4 MX440 Dual.

I don't know if it is the dual or not, but I'll find out by friday as I am going to be moving him to an Abit GF4 MX440 Dual by then.

I'm saying this because I could have used this information these past few days.

P.S. It also does not work on a Radeoon 8500 by Gigabyte either, I don't know if it is only on the Gigabyte though.

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  1. I own this board and had a problem with both the GF4 and the Gigabyte Radeon. The GF4 I could just never get to work, though I think it might have been bad. I used 3: 2 were PNY Ti 4400's and 1 was a gainward Ti 4400.

    The gigabyte Radeon 8500 was a great card, but it does not fit on the Gigabyte board correctly. The connector on the DVI is set to low and hits the case before it is properly seated. My 8500 still worked, but still, I had to get rid of the card. The Reatail Radeon by ATI wokrs fine. Although, I will be selling mine when my Gainward Ti 4400 replacement gets here this week!

    Over all though, the 7vrxp rocks. I love Gigabyte. I am running an 8IRXP now. It also rocks!
  2. I'm all with you that Gigabyte rocks. I still want this board, I'm just conserned what video card I can get with it. I know the Abit works, but I'm also thinking of a Radeon 8500.

    BTW, the Gigabyte Radeon <i>does</i> fit, you just have to remove the lowest screw-thing (technical term?) fromt he DVI.

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  3. I couldn't get the Radeon 8500 to work properly w/ that board. I returned it and the people who I bought it from have tested it. Looks like it isn't compatable w/ the board.

    Too bad, now I don't know what card to get w/ it. I wouldn't mind the GF4 Ti4200, but that isn't out yet.

    The OEM Radeon works, though...but I don't really want that :(
  4. I figured out the screw-thing. Just seems like they would make stuff to fit their own boards properly. Also, I have run the 8500 on both 7vrxp boards that I have.

  5. I have a pny ti4400 and it works great on this board.
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