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I have been having problems with the New Geforce cards working propertly on WinXP Pro. I have tried 2 different brand of GF2 TI and both wont work, I thought a GF3 TI200 would solve the problem but still wont. When I am installing the new drivers from Nvidia it says that the video cards are not compatable with WinXP(my old TNT2 works fine). My mobo is a MSI K7T266 Pro, and the bios are up to date. I'm thinking it is the Mobo problem but I need help. Any help or suggestions is very welcome.

MSI K7T266 Pro
Athlon XP 1900+ @ 2000+
256 DDR PC2400
GeForce3 TI200
SB Live!
Currently Win98 trying to get WinXP to work with Vid Card:-(
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  1. do you mean that the drivers are not certified? or are you saying it wont let you install the drivers at all? I have no problem with any of the current drivers with my Geforce3 or Geforce4. The newest drivers are not certified, but that doesn't mean they don't work just fine.

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  2. Yea, during the installation at about 14% it says that the video card is not WinXP certified. I went ahead and install it anyway but still it wouldn't work propertly(no OpenGL or D3D). Do you have any suggestion?
  3. Are you removing the old version before installing the newer one? I would try installing the latest version over your old one. Windows will ask you if you want to keep the older file. Answer yes to all. Then you will have all files loaded for your card. That way, you're covered for certain programs or games that are causing problems.
  4. 1) There is nothing wrong with the Nvidia's drivers. The problem is that by the time microsoft finished certifying the drivers Nvida has already released new and better drivers, so if you want to use only certified drivers you need to use an older version. Currently you can download Version 28.32 but Microsoft has only WHQL certified Version 21.83. If you want the certified 21.83 drivers then you need to click on the "driver archives" link at the nvida Windows XP/2000 drivers page.

    2) You need to install the correct motherboard drivers. Download and install the latest via 4 in 1 drivers.

    3) Make sure you are installing the Windows XP/2000 drivers, and make sure that you "click continue anyway" and not "stop installation".

    4) If you are having problems you are either doing something wrong or somethings is broken. All my friends use Windows XP Pro and all (except one - he uses a Radeon all in wonder) use Geforce graghics cards and they have had no compatibility problems. I should now as I was the one who built their systems. I have installed Geforce 2 MX PCI, Geforce 2 MX400, Geforce 3 and Geforce Ti 4400 all on Windows XP Pro. I have 2 of the card in my own system letting me connect up to 4 monitors! (I only use 2 plus a tv).

    Hope this helps.
  5. Ok, I have just Dled the 28.32 driver for WinXP from Nvidia. I also installed the via 4 in 1 driver. I will now upgrade my system to WinXP and follow you guy's suggestions. I hope this work and I'll get back.
  6. ok, i just format and install winxp. I install the ia 4 in 1 driver. And then I went to install the nvidia 28.32 driver, I ignore the warning sign and install it anyways just like you said. Everything installed and when I when and reboot my system it froze right when windows is suppose to start. I am now using WinXP Pro w/o anydrivers so there are no D3D or opengl. can anyone else help? I am updating windows to see if it will help. also is the older 21.xx driver from nvidia any different or slower and the newer 28.32??
  7. I manage to get windows xp pro to boot up after re-installing the nvidia 28.32 driver. Everything works fine(so I thought). I went and install HL and when I run it the whole system freeze. Then I go for another game(MOHAA) installed that and run it and the system freeze again. Then I went and try to run a MPEG file from Windows Media Player, it freeze again. I came to a conclusion that The video card is giving problem? Or is it the mobo? any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  8. Try loading bios defaults before installing video card. It may be your overclocked bus causing the installation problem.
  9. yep, make sure these crashes are not heat related, fit a good HSF and some case fans and monitor temps
  10. My girlfriend recently went through the same thing with her GeForce2 card. I found it to be a combination of drivers with the video card and her sound card. I removed her sound card and wiped out all of the drivers for her sound card and video card. Then I put another sound card in and got the drivers for the sound card and the video card from "Windows Update". Everything works fine now, hope this helps.
  11. Can you please tell me what type of sound card that was causing problem? And what sound card did you replace it with? I have a SoundBlaster LIVE! Value.
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