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Ok, I got some cash to spend and need your help.
I currently got a 750 duron with 128MB RAM sitting on a gigabyte board, crappy 5200 rpm HD & Geeforce 2 32MB card.
I use PC for a bit of gaming but mainly video editing.

Which Mobo should I buy?

I like the idea of 333 board but getthe impression that the RAM is not yet fully supported.
I also like the look of the results for the Nforce chip cards such as the MIS card but again, I am not too sure.
lternative is just to buy a 266 standard board.
I have also heard that some apps will not use more than 266 MB RAM so anything more is a waste of time, therefor eI should go for 333hz RAM.

Someone please help me spend some cash.

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  1. I would check out newegg's refurbished section, if you want to save some money on customer returns with 30 day warranty and free shipping. If you already have pc2100 ddram, you might want to consider switching to the p4 1.6a. With my epox 4sda+, I can use the 4:5 divider and get true pc2700 speed out of my ram, which the p4 can take advantage of. The athlon doesn't really benefit from the extra bandwidth of ddr333. One example of the mobos available is the asus p4s333 for only $75 shipped. Running my 1.6a at 2.19 (137 fsb at 1.675 volts) and ddram at 171 fsb with 4:5 ratio. Without overclocking, the p4 is relatively slow with ddram. If I were in your shoes, I would still wait for the thoroughbred before making a move. If it runs cooler like the p4, it should overclock better than the current xp.
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