What Motherboard is best for AMD XP 2100+ ?

I'm building a new computer and I was wondering what motherboard would be best for an AMD Athalon XP 2100+. I would like to have many PCI slots, and plenty of room for expandability (2+ GB RAM for future upgrades). Also I would like to stay away from onboard stuff, like onboard video. Onboard sound is ok though utnil i get my Audigy Platinum. I will have a GeForce 4 in it.

thanks alot!
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  1. I don't know about others, but I'm very satisfied with my Abit KR7A-RAID and XP1600 that has been running at 1665MHz (175*9.5).

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  2. will that work with an xp2100+? and if it does.. what is the max MHz that that will support? (for future upgrades)
  3. As far as any other motherboard on the market. It's a KT266a board, and I've heard great things about it.

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  4. I think my Asus A7V266-E is great.
  5. Why not the Asus A7V333? It can support AXP 2000 and higher.

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  6. I brought the motherboard before A7333 is available. I think is will be a better choice right now since it support USB 2 and DDR 333.
  7. You definately want a motherboard with a KT333 chipset.

    Personally I have alway gone with Asus so the A7V333 with raid comes to mind. Though I might try a MSI KT3 ULTRA-ARU instead as it is less expensive and its integrated audio having more connectors than the A7V333.

    I am not that into overclocking so if that is one of your concerns I have no idea what board would be best.
  8. soltek is pretty good for 'newbie' overclocking with their RedStorm chip. But i made a topic on the samething and the answer was also MSI KT3 Ultra ARU, i saw some reviews and they were good.
  9. thanks, i thnk ill look at the A7V333. Although i had some questions. it says it only supports 200/266MHz front side bus.. isnt this kinda slow? i am probably wrong but thats what i thought it was a couple of years ago. also.. it says it only supports PC2700 DDR .. isnt this also kinda in the middle ?

  10. does this look like a good price? it comes with the XP:

  11. You can get that mobo and processor from www.newegg.com for $389. That includes fedex shipping. You will also have to buy a fan.
    The one from partspc.com says it is an OEM processor that comes with a fan, but they recomend that you get another, better fan. So basically you need to buy a good fan which ever way you go. Especially running that XP 2100, you should buy a really good fan.
  12. what would you consider a very good fan? a link to exact page would be best :)
  13. also, i notice it comes with RAID or without it.. what is RAID and do i need it? thanks

    also, for the person who suggested Newegg... does that 389 dollar mobo/cpu come in a bundle or do you buy them seperatlely? i dont see a place to buy bundles
  14. Not too many fans are qualified for the XP 2100, but I am sure that if you used any good fan that is qualified for the 2000 it would be fine. ThermalTake makes some good fans and I actually found one that was approved for XP2100, and it was only $12. Here is the link to the specs http://www.thermaltake.com/products/heatsink/v6plus.htm

    Here is a link to the page on newegg http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=manufactory&catalog=62&manufactory=1379&DEPA=1

    You may want to look on newegg under fans and see what else looks good. Most of the good fans will cost you $20+. Thats why I chose this one, it was only $12 and it supported your XP 2100. Some other names you may want to check into are coolermaster and ocz. The link to the fan page at newegg is http://www.newegg.com/app/manufactory.asp?catalog=62&DEPA=1

    To answer your other questions:

    1. Raid is using multiple harddrives for security resons. For instance you can have 2 harddrives (same size and speed) and they will mirror each other. That way if one goes out all your data is still on the other. You can also Raid striping instead. This is where you use 3 or more harddrives and the data is spread across them all. This means that if you have 3 HD's each one will get 1/3 of the data. This is more for performance, but it can also be for data recovery. If 1 drive fails, you can usually rebuild all your data from the existing 2 drives.

    2. Newegg does not have bundles, that was the seperate products.
  15. It does support XP2100 and it has Multplier over 13 (although in future it's going to need BIOS update).

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  16. What about the new Abit AT7 KT333 board? It has onboard 6 channel sound, Lan, and RAID, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394a. Price is a little high - $174 at newegg when it arrives, and only has 3 PCI slots, but it looks nice. I wish it would've been out a month ago. There's a review at http://www.ocworkbench.com/2002/abit/at7/at7p1.htm

    Oh no PS/2, just USB.
  17. It depends what you Use it for AMD athlon XP 1733mhz
    would probably run best on
    an Asus AV7-266e or AV7-333 (optional Raid)
    but would overclock better on a Motherboard like the A-Bit KR7 (optianal Raid) or KG7
  18. The Asus A7V333. It supports the on-die thermal diode. It's now almost impossible to fry an Athlon on that board.

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  19. Not sure if you picked a board yet, but I will give my .02 for ya. Stay away from the MSI KT3, ive only heard bad things about it. I would go for the Asus or the Soyo boards with the KT333 chipset. Also read the recent review of all the KT333 boards that THG did a few days ago. I bet it will help.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  20. Just curious as to what bad things you've heard about the kt3 ultra. I have two of them and they've not given me any problems at all.

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