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Been running Win7 64bit happily on a HP laptop for several months now. Had BSOD (first ever for this computer) when putting the computer to sleep. Next reboot loaded startup repair which worked away for an hour or so then said it couldn't fix the problem. Now every reboot gores to startup repair which quickly says it can't fix a problem relating to a corrupt file - often listed as hal.dll, and sometimes says to remove any devices recently connected (there was a usb hd attached when it crashed but has been removed). Startup repair on the upgrade DVD says it finds no problems. Have tested hardware in BIOS and run boot rec commands in command prompt.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I'd make sure first that you have the proper boot order on your BIOS. In WinXP this was what caused most hal.dll errors

    If that's fine, then you need to rebuild your boot.ini file.
    This can be done w/ the recovery disk and using command prompt.
  2. Thx for the ideas
    not so sure abt BIOS cause there are 2 internal HDs and in the boot order it just lists 'internal drive' - but if win7 is loading startup repair from the HD then it's finding the windows drive?
    Im not sure win7 uses boot.ini nemore? ive been trying the bootrec instructions at to no avail
  3. will it boot in safe mode, if so run from the command prompt as the admin sfc/scannow
  4. Any boot just goes to windows/startup repair
  5. Insert your Installation disk and see if it will let you "upgrade" your installation, if it will let it, but this could take a long time, the longest I have seen is almost 24 hours, but all the data was still there
  6. Unfortunately it seems the upgrade will only work when it's run form inside windows :P Any idea how to do an upgrade/repair install with the upgrade disc when the computer won't boot? I really don't want to have to reinstall all my programs or worse install vista then 7...
  7. HMM, since all I have is a install disk I can't exectly walk you through this, so if you boot with the disk in the drive it won't boot, right?
  8. yeah booting form the HD just goes to the startup repair and booting off the DVD wont allow an upgrade install. but ive just found the problems are a lot worse than i thought - and will probably need a full reinstall anyway - 20Gb out of 100Gb on the HD has been placed in the found.000 folder. I've just done a BIOS test of all disks and no problems were found. Do u have any idea how a BSOD could lead to corruption of the hard drive? Is it likely to be hardware or software? WIll it happen again if I reinstall? i think I'll have to start another post...
  9. you probably did a repair, or defrag and it some contigious(sp) files, files not connected to any thing, Windows saves them in a folder called found.XXX, that way you can look in the folder and rescue anything important, but if you have a regular installation disk, see if it will allow you to "upgrade " your installation
  10. i think the FAT or something got corrupted at the BSOD crash. Doesnt look like there is any point in doing an upgrade install as everything on the HD especially the program file directory seems to be missing files? Any idea what happened? Anyway thanks for your help and ideas but once I'm satisfied the hardware is OK I think it will be a simple reformat and install.
  11. Good luck
  12. Have reinstalled and everything is working - fingers crossed :P
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