ami bios flash kills motherboard. need to recover

just flashed by pc chips M571 motherboard with ami flash from pcchips website. Yes, pc chips motherbards are generally an icky productline and their website sux, but let's move on...

i did save the old ami flash image to disk. motherboard now locked up and wont boot past the ram test entry so obviously i cant get the floppy or hard drive recognized to be able to flash back down to the old ami bios or forward to any other bios rev. Any suggestions on recovery?
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  1. Did you try the "Reset CMOS" jumper on the MOBO? It might be called something different on your board, but almost all boards have something similar.

    Is the PC beeping at all? If the AMI BIOS get completely wacked-out you get a series of beeps on boot up and it will try to access the floppy drive. If this is happening take the BIOS you want to flash, put it on floppy and rename it AMIBOOT.ROM. It will be recognized on boot-up and will automatically re-flash the BIOS.

    Good luck.

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  2. dont touch pc-chips witha 10 foot long pole. as well as the problem u just described they are notorious for the ps2 ports going down. go with gigabyte-the dual bios facility would have saved you a problem here :smile:
    not a useful post in your current situation i know but maybe the information will be useful to you if u decide to upgrade

    how do you set a laser printer to stun?
  3. Unless you board has a back up bios you are probably screwed. You can buy a bois chip with the correct bios on it for about $20 online.

    You could remove the bios chip and have it reprogramed with the old bios,. I have a friend that is taking electronics classes and they have the equipment at school. Maybe a local computer shop has the same functionality?
  4. thanks for suggestions. the computer speaker doesnt beep and the floppy doesnt spin up to grab any default amibios files so those recovery options apparently arent viable at this point. Resetting cmos jumper also tried without success. bootup fails at the nvram check which is pretty much what you'd expect with a scambled bios. Buying (or reflashing) a fresh bios chip is an option of last resorts of course. Anybody else know of amibios workarounds to recover a trashed flash attempt? Else any recommendations as to affordable/dependable bios chips on the web for my pc-chips motherboard? You'd think the bios vendors would have more viable recovery alternatives given the many years we've had to deal with bios flashing.<g>

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