ECS K7S5A Another reason not to buy

This mainly applies if you live the UK, maybe other countries as well.

My ECS K7S5A that I bought at a computer fair has just died. Now normally you'd take it back where you bought it. Unfortunately as often happens with this board you could have bought it from a computer fair. Well guess what if you don't see the person at the fair again or they go out of business your screwed. Why? Because ECS will only support the person who bought the board from them.

I've just spent half an hour on the phone to a rather rude chap at ECS' UK offices trying to get them to do something about my faulty board and do you know what they are going to do? Nothing.

Apparently because the boards get imported from abroad through sources other then themselves they won't support it because they don't know what happened to it along the way. But no other company does either so why should ECS be the exception?

Anyway if you scream and shout enough you can get them to trace the boards serial number and if the board has come through them they can give you the contact details of the company who purchased it from them. But if that company has gone out of business then I'm very sorry but your stuck with a faulty board.

And after all the time I've just spent on the phone to ECS I can say one thing ECS don't give a toss about you the end user, and not only that but their customer service staff have a lot to be desired. The person I was speaking to suggested to me that the company could have gone out of business, he later swore that I'd said to him they'd gone out of business and when I asked if calls are recorded he said 'you've now got the number you need, goodbye' and put down the phone, now whether I said that or not dosn't matter either they made the board it's there responsibility to fix it (but for the record I didn't). Anyway theres ECS customer support for you.

Oh and not once did anyone actually offer or even suggest anything along the lines of customer support.

BTW sorry if you've seen this post before but I think this is something people need to know about before they buy these boards.

Also if you've owned this board or any other ECS board and it's failed you then please email to me what went wrong with it to along with any other problems you've had with ECS in general.

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  1. Go <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

    Assuming your mobo is still under warranty, ECS UK have to deal with it, under RMA conditions.

    I'd be contacting some sort of trading organisation about this.

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  3. i had the onboard lan die on my first k7s5a, but i just took that back to frys, and they gave me a new one, no problem...
    and the only support i dealt with, in reguards to ECS was email...and i was just told to take it least i THINK that is what i was a while ago, and i have long since deleted that message. sorry to hear you had such a problem with their support.
    i hope i never have to deal with such incompitence. and i think that you should contact their supervisor...despite the fact that you MIGHT have been dealing with the wrong people...they shouldnt have treated you that way...because hanging up abruptly on the customer...that is lame...
    really...very...lame...thanks for bumping this one mbtea...


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  5. dude, didn't you know that ECS == PCChips?

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