GA-7VRX + Pioneer 106S DVD no go - Help!

hi guys,
ok, this has been posted about before on the 06/03/02:

"My new gigabyte GA-7VRX motherboard will not boot if I put my DVD drive (pioneer 106S) on IDE1. If I place my DVD drive on IDE0 and my hard drive on IDE1 it works fine. The weirdest part is that if I set the clock to 100MHz (instead of 133) everything works perfectly in any configuration.
It's not a huge problem - I can always run my hard drive on IDE1 but I'm curious as to why I'm having this problem."

yeah, well that's my problem too. what i'd like to know is, how do i change my hd's from ide0 to ide1? is this merely a matter of swapping the cables around on the board? doesn't it matter which ide socket they are plugged into [ide1 or 2]?
i don't want to run my cpu fsb at 100mhz.
also, does anyone have any theory as to why this is happening in the first place?
thanks in advance everyone
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  1. hmmm well.

    firsty check that your jumpers are set to master and slave respectivly, depending on what config you want.

    next, althought its usually not required, it MAY be a good idea to plug the cables into the drives in the right order.... i.e. the master i think goes to the connector in the middle of the IDE cable, the slave at the end.

    also consider swapping over the IDE cables too, see if that has any effect (they can be a tad pickey for wierd reasons)

    and lastly make sure they are being detected correctly in the bios... detect them manually then set them to autodetect. maybe consider a bios update.

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