Controlling woekstations update SBS2011

We have a single sbs2011 server and around 40 workstations. Currently we have automatic updates enabled which updates the server and workstations.

We have one workstation (windows v7 pro) which we would like ideally not to have automatically updated, as they often require a restart, and this causes problems for this pc / service, as it it needs to be logged in to function in the way we want it to work 24/7.

Is there a way that we can leave all other workstations on automatic updates and have the PC in question set to manual, so that we can control when the updates are implemented, and of course when the PC is re booted.
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  1. This might sound rather simplistic or easy but why not get an administrator to change the update settings on that machine from automatic updates to notify only.
  2. I cant do that because the wsus policy overides workstation settings. I could turn off windows automatic updates for all workstations but dont want to do that as it would mean I would have to manually update each station.
  3. Remove this one machine from the WSUS group policy, and manage it locally.
  4. Quote:

    Remove this one machine from the WSUS group policy, and manage it locally.

    This is probably going to be your best option. You probably have a GPO set up for enabling the automatic windows update for all your computers, and it probably applies to an entire group of computers, correct? Simply remove that one computer from the group that the GPO is applied to.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the responses have not had chance untill now to catch up I will get back with an update when I have given your recomendations a try.
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