BSOD crash tcpip.sys? (attached .dmp)

I just built a new computer and I'm getting BSOD crash every 4-5 hours when playing games. Before computer shuts down I see "tcip.sys error" or something like that in blue screen. It only appears for a short amount of time so I can't really read it.

Here is my dump file in C:\Windows\Minidump:

I have Windows 7
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  1. After my computer crashes and re-loads, I notice that my computer only recognizes 4gb of ram, when 6gb of ram is installed. Once I restart my computer again though, computer recognizes all 6gb of ram.

    All my device drivers are updated, but I have a few windows updates I have to install.

    Be right back, installing windows updates...
  2. I'm running Windows 7 Memory Diagnostic right now and its been stuck at 26% for 1 hour, should I exit?
  3. Ok, Windows 7 Memory Diagnostic froze. It stayed at 26% for over 2 hours. I pressed "Esc" to exit, but it didn't respond. I manually had to shut down computer. Now it only sees 4gb ram no matter what.

    I'm guessing 1 of my ram is bad. I'll keep them in for now, and I'll find out which 1 is dead at a later time. 4Gb is enough for right now.

    EDIT: I just took the ram out and swapped their positions with each other. I'm reading 6gb of ram again. Maybe one of the ram wasn't completely snapped in, causing a crash when being used. Idk. I'll see if it crashes within a week...

    If anyone can, please quickly look at my minidump I posted. I'm still not sure if my problem is fixed.

  4. download a new version of your network driver delete the old one and install the new one, that typically solves the problem. If that doesnt do it download Memtest86+ and run that to check for memory errors.
  5. Sounds like you have solved the problem. Dirty contacts or a mis-seated mermory SIMM. That would certainly have caused your original problem.

    I'd be inclined to leave the memory diagnostics running when you can spare the time, just to check. If you had a memory problem then I wouldn't worry about the network driver, although it wouldn't do any harm to reinstall it. Personally I prefer to look at just one thing at a time - that way I know what the problem was.
  6. Ok it crashed again. This is getting annoying. New dump file:

    can someone please help me or ask someone else to help me by seeing if dump file says anything useful?

    I couldn't find any driver updates for my network adapter so I right clicked it in device manager and clicked "Update Driver", and it downloaded and installed. I did this few days ago, before it crashed again, so this did not fix my problem.

  7. Let me make a few assumptions, since you have not listed you system specs, you have a ATI video card, and the ntoskrnl.exe file is causing the crash, from Wiki: ntoskrnl.exe (and ntkrnlpa.exe on systems with Physical Address Extension support) is the kernel image for the family of Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. It provides the Kernel and Executive layers of the Windows NT kernel space, and is responsible for various system services such as hardware virtualization, process and memory management, etc., thus making it a fundamental part of the system. It contains the Cache Manager, the Executive, the Kernel, the Security Reference Monitor, the Memory Manager, and the Scheduler, among other things, so you can understand why this is happening, whatever program is running uses memory, and the ATI drivers have issues with this file, so the program write information to memory and ntoskrnl.exe can't find it, BSOD, this also why you lose memory and require a reboot, and then you can see it all, simple, maybe, get a Nvidia card and see what happens
  8. Ok I spent this morning testing all my memory one by one in different slots and I found a memory stick that sometimes failed the test. I took it out and I'm only using 4gb right now. I'll see if this fixes the problem, and if it does, I'll just rma the memory stick and get a new one.

    If this didn't solve the problem, I might try what number13 suggested and test with nvidia card.
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