Unable to install windows xp using gigabyte 7vtxh+

I was curently running windows me, when i decided to upgrade windows xp. I decided to fully format my harddrive (60gig) using fat32. I then booted from the xp cd. Since booted everything seemed to be going smoothly until. Error started occuring during the process where windows xp copy files. Errors were unable to copy xxxx file press enter to retry or esc to cancel. I have not listed the file since there are usually a different file or some sort. I keep pressing enter but with no luck the same file still cannot be copied in any way. The same thing happens with windows 2000.

I have check my cd since they are original and i have actually tried installing on my other computers, with sucess and without any errors. I have also tried using scandisk on surface test etc with no luck of finding any errors. I have also tried the nt fat type wothout any luck.

My computer: Amd athlon xp 1800+ (not overlocked), motherboard:gigabyte ga 7vtxh+ (latest bois update), 256 ddr ram x2 kingston, nvidia geforce 4 mx 440, media forte sound card and capture card.(i have tried changing video cards and trying again with every other device unpluged (sound card etc) still no luck. Cd reader:asus 52x , cd burner sony 24/10/40. Hard drive: 60 gig 7200 rpm ata 133 maxtor. Ide setup 1st ide Harddrive (prim) 2nd ide cd reader 52x(prim) sony burner (sec). i have tried tp unplug the burner, plug the cd rom 52x on the same ide cable as harddrive.

I have also tried to change all ide cables etc, power supply is a 300 w one, have also tried un plugging all the case fan to reduce power used.

Bois settings: i have tried optimal defaults and i have also tried load fail safe default, also tried enable top performance, with no luck

I hope i have written all the important information and i hope someone out there in the world can help me Thank You
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