high ping and lag problems PLEASE HELP

Recently, I have been having high ping problems on Battlefield 2 and it always gives my the warning saying something about a connection problem. I just recently bought battlefield 2 and for the first week or so, I didnt lag that much and my ping was always around 100. My ping is now anywhere from 100-1000. Sometimes I might get lucky and have a low ping around 80-100 but then within half an hour it soars back up. I have also played other games and my ping is never very high. I am connected through a wireless usb 2.0 device, would this have anything to do with my problem? if anyone might have a possible solution to my problem i would really appreciate it. thanks . feel free to ask and questions.

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  1. well there are several factors that will lead to a high ping. The latency of wifi is one. Who is the maker of the router and the wifi adapter, how strong is your signal in your house and a do you offend get dropped connections? Other questions is who is your internet service provider cable or dsl. If it is cable then your ping might be going up if there more cable broadband subscribers getting on in the area.
    Are you downloading anything in the background.

    These are just a few question, I ask to better troubleshoot.
  2. Wireless is not known or been acceptable of use when it comes to gaming. Especially in BF2 with the large maps and huge numbers of players. So for online gaming a T1 is the best and DSL are good but wireless is not that great. All produce lag but a wireless has the worst because it has lots of bridge, thus creating lag. I have DSL with SBC Yahoo and it's not that fast compare to other DSL out there. Anyhow I'm still getting good ping from 50 to 200 in BF2.

    So the only thing I see with wireless router is its' neat and well....wireless.
    For gaming wise, I would say it's not the greatest with BF2 multiplayer gaming.

    So try using DSL/cable aside from that wireless router of yours and see if there's a difference. If not then you might wanna research or change your net provider.
  3. I think that a cable should help you...but also choose your servers well. A crap server in Germany will jack up your ping like no other.

    If none of this works buy a new networking card for $7 and check with your internet provider

    If that doesn't work then play in single player mode and see if it is your system

    If it isn't your system...then scan your pc for spyware and trojans that could be bogging down your connection.....
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