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I'm looking to upgrade my CPU and mainboard, but one of my constraints is that I need to stick with my 512MB of SDRAM. Can anyone suggest a good value (e.g. cheap) combo for me? I am totally lost when trying to meander my way through all the various chipsets available today (especially for Athlon boards which I have heard give the best bang for the buck). I'd really like to stay under $175 for the CPU and mainboard if I could as well...

If you can't think of a mainboard to recommend, just pointing out the right chipset for me would do a world of good so that I can narrow my search on Newegg a bit!


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  1. I guess you'd probably want to stay away from the earlier VIA 133 chipsets as long as you can't take advantage of some of the newer more stable flavors. In that case you might look into the AliMagic M1647 set. A decent board with that would be something like the ASUS A7A133

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  2. The ECS K7S5A will allow you to use SDRAM and then upgrade to DDR later. You can get it for around $50 which will leave you plenty of money for a good proc.

    You'll be able to get an nice XP processor. :-D

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