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Tron went from being an unwanted, taboo Disney project in 1982 to its present status as one of the most influential sci-fi flicks ever created. We take you inside the making of the groundbreaking cult movie that still offers a channel for virtual-reality escape and an intense vision of the future just as it did over a quarter of a century ago.
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  1. okok...I got it. me bad...
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    I haven't read the article yet so I can't set the proper example yet. I'll be back, though.
  3. TRON!!!!

    Everyone has at least one movie they've watched over and over... and this was mine. I was 11 years old when Tron was released in theaters and it totally blew me away. I must have watched it over 50 times once I got it on VHS tape. The deco-futuristic art of Moebius and Syd Mead (who is rarely mentioned yet contributed more to the visual look of the film in my opinion) was breathtaking to behold. TRON is a stark landscape yet it paradoxically seems very much alive.

    The article mentions that the film has this warm "analog" nature thanks to backlighting and hand-painted cel techniques, and I couldn't agree more. It isn't cold and lifeless like modern CGI. TRON is very organic, which is why Wendy Carlos's soundtrack worked so well. Her Moog synthesizers used vaccuum tubes to generate that eerily natural sound... which was perfect.

    Films like this are rare, as they only tend to appear around the imminent arrival of a new technology/social movement/art form. I was happy to have been there, front and center, when it happened.

    Fans of TRON might also enjoy Koyaanisqatsi, as it also views the world through an artistic, hyperkinetic lens. Philip Glass's haunting electronic soundtrack is also vaguely reminiscent of the film. See it!

    Curious poll: For those of you who were in the target 10-12 age group who saw and liked TRON, did you also watch Xanadu? The two films have some similar "shimmery" effects going on... not to mention having sexy supporting actresses. Haha... what else does an 11 year old mind think about?
  4. I'm another that liked the Movie and have it now on DVD and will watch it from time to time. I'm supprised that Tom put it up for a article but I'm kind of happy he did. It's a movie that had a special place along with others that were kind of different like 2001 space odd. and other off beat ones like the orig. hitchhikers guide series (not that movie crap) and Red dwarf. Movies and shows that were different but made a difference.
    One thing that kind of supprised me and I'd like to see others views on this, when the game came out I was totally hooked on it, that Tron 2.0 game. A lot of people I knew said where is the BFG's and lots of guns. I constantly told them to just try it. The graphics were beeeuitful and using the disk was effective and different which brings variaty. I wish more games tried something different like this as shooting everything gets old after a while and I really liked how they had the side game of the lightcycles and also threw them into the game in various parts. I still play this game a lot.
    I'd almost like them to do a sequal but I'm getting to a point with todays movies pouring on political correctness and adding a soap opera taint that has screwed up many modern movies and they would probably ruin it as they've done with remakes of older greats that are now new cheezey crap. If they did one based on the games format it would be a pretty good movie I think. Oh well, love what ya have I guess.
  5. Quote:
    I'm supprised that Tom put it up for a article but I'm kind of happy he did.

    Lest we continue to point out that it's a TwitchGuru article. Related to THG, but not THG itself. THG is graphics cards, Twitch is the stuff you play with them and the things, in this case, you watch when you're not.
  6. I'm familiar with the movie, which was decent, certainly if you look at the 1982 special effects today. The only serious problem I had with it that spoiled the experience somewhat is the casting of Bruce Boxleitner. Man, the acting of that guy just sucks. If you just compare it to the performance of David Warner (or even Jeff Bridges for that matter although I did not care much for his acting in this movie either, but I take Jeff on a bad day anytime over a Bruce Boxleitner on a good day), he just fades away.

    I started out with the Tron2.0 game and got a bit into it, then I had a hardware failure and I never took the trouble of re-installing and starting from the beginning again, so apparently it did not do that much for me.

    My teenage favorite movie was the first release of a Starwars movie: Episode 4, I've been to the theater a couple of times when it was released and have it seen multiple times since.
  7. I hate to be a shameless self-promoter, but we've got more stuff on Tron coming soon -- this time, more game related content on the old arcade stuff all the way up to Tron 2.0 (which, I've discovered, didn't get all that many good reviews and kinda fell off the map like the movie itself). Anyone out there play it?
  8. Despite what many might think, the original fans of Tron were not limited to 12 year old kids. I turned 20 that year, I was in the Navy by then. I had been a Video Game fanatic since I switched from Pinball to Pong in the 70's.

    I had mastered many Video Games of the time, (and had never met anyone who could beat me in Defender or it sequel Stargate). (Gee I wonder where all my money went back then??) When Tron came out.... Boom, it blew me away too. Here was a movie about my favorite hobby! I liked it, I loved it, I wanted more. Thank God they came out with the Coin Op Video Game of Tron!

    Tron was the first movie to center around a Video Gamer. It was a thrill to see a Sci Fi Fantasy movie about my favorite past time. It had the effect of Legitimizing Video Arcades a bit. (Many older folks tended to have little interest in Video Games and found Video Arcades to be a bit Creepy).

    The use of CG graphics really made a difference. So did the sound track. I have read reviews of Tron that say the sound track and music sucked because it sounded like it came from a cheap Synthesizer. They totally missed the boat. It was supposed to sound like the music and sound effects of the current Coin Op Games! That is why it worked so well.

    I thought all the acting was great in the movie. Bruce's part was very limited in the real world. (His character was not given much material to work with). As Tron, he was supposed to be serious warrior for the most part. He played it to the appropriate level. (He did an excellent job in Babylon 5!).

    Tron made me realized that Computers and Video Games were the same Technology. Within a few years after Tron came out, I was hooked on Computer Games.

    Today I have several Vintage Coin Op Games in my house. (Computer Space, Gorf, Stargate and of course Tron!) I have purchased several thousand computer games and Console games over the years. Game collecting is my main hobby. (Still wondering where my money is going, ..... he he, but I think it's worth it!) I also buy Tron Memorabilia when I find it.

    God Bless all the hard working folks who made Tron happen! It will always be a classic to me!

    See Ya!
  9. Ill prolly get beat up for this one but I never watched. I think I might go rent it now though
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