alpha 21264 BIOS for Athlon motherboard?

Hi, I recently posted to this list asking about an inexpensive alpha 21264 motherboard. Let me rephrase my question:

Does anyone know whether an alpha 21264 BIOS is available for any of the Athlon socket A motherboards (preferably in the 1GHz range)?

(I have hunted for one on the ASUS homesite without any luck, but there are many other Athlon motherboard manufacturers). If so, that might be a solution for me (e.g. an inexpensive motherboard that I can use with an alpha 21264 CPU), since many Athlon socket A motherboards are quite inexpensive new due to the fierce competition in the x86 market.

I would greatly appreciate any answers or tips where I might find an answer.

Lawrence Mayer <>
Umeå, Sweden
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  1. They aren't even pin compatible. Alpha AXP 21264 is 588 pins, Socket A is 462 pins. How do you expect to get something like that to work? Use a hammer?

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